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Welcome to the Middle East Women Leaders Excellence Award


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your organization's efforts in supporting women's leadership, promoting the progression of knowledge, fostering innovation, achieving institutional triumphs, upholding excellence, and attaining sustainable leadership milestones. Your significant efforts have played a crucial role in enhancing global competitiveness and making substantial contributions to regional progress across diverse sectors. The women leaders with your support have achieved remarkable standards, setting a benchmark for success with a sustainable and long-term impact, ensuring positive changes within the global economy.

The Institute recognizes true leaders by enabling systemic excellence change and consistently honoring exemplary leaders with exceptional approaches. Through this, the Institute aims to empower women leaders not only to achieve success but also to create a sustainable and positive impact that extends beyond their prestigious roles and their status as role models. The institute encourages these women leaders to be prepared for the challenges of the upcoming era of 6G and the digital world as the economy transitions towards these new challenges.

The Institute, with the support of its global government and business organizations partners, takes the honor of announcing the “23rd Middle East Women Leaders Excellence Award”, in conjunction with the International Women’s Day, and the ‘26th Global Women Leaders Congress, on 6-8 March 2024, in Dubai, UAE, the congress aims to highlight global women’s achievements and gather Women Role Models and leaders from different regions and countries, including government, business, media, women associations, international institutions, and NGOs under one roof, facilitating unprecedented access to distinguished women leaders.

The objective of the award is to pay tribute to women leaders from diverse sectors who have played a significant role, becoming a cornerstone in institutions, and contributing to the region's leadership development. These leaders have had a profound impact on institutional, economic, technological, and administrative development, promoting institutional progress in line with global competitiveness standards. The award will highlight the exemplary leadership practices that have brought about positive changes in various fields, adhering to the foundations and principles of women leaders.

On this great occasion, the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute takes the honor to invite your organization to be a part of this strategic stride by nominating women leaders and prominent personalities of your organizations for this highly prestigious awards program, which aims to recognize, honor, highlight, and celebrate the path-breaking achievements of women leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the corporate and the national economy development.

Ali Al Kamali
Managing Director