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Judging Procedure

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute honors and identifies the achievements of government organizations, businesses and leaders that have brought changes and contribute to the building of modern standards of excellence in regional and global leadership, in developing the future of the region, according to the standards of global competitiveness.

The Institute follows a comprehensive set of rules and procedures that facilitates the judging panel and the judging procedure in the evaluation and selection of the Award winners. The procedures are impartial, transparent, independent, and neutral and strive to achieve the best possible results.

The Judging Panel

  • The Judging Panel embarks on its detailed evaluation and research processes six months prior to the winners announcements 
  • The Judging Panel meticulously reads, researches, and examines the nomination documents submitted for  evaluation
  • The Judging Committee carries out certain field assessments and interviews to validate the information and data provided by the nominees
  • The judging procedure is rooted in the rules of professional and ethical behavior in the evaluation of nominations
  • The Judging Panel consists of corporate leaders who take into account the standards of competence, integrity, and impartiality in the process of evaluation
  • The members of the Judging Panel cannot nominate themselves or their institutions for the awards
  • If a Committee Member wishes to nominate themselves or their institution for the Awards, then they are required to resign from the Committee
  • Information or details of the Judging Panel are not revealed to maintain the impartiality and confidentiality of the procedure
  • Decision of the Judging Panel for the awards will be final and irrevocable
  • Only the Judging Panel, has the authority to declare and announce the results of the award winners 
  • The members of the Judging Committee are not permitted to reveal their identity or disclose the results
  • The evaluation process is kept confidential
  • Absolute professionalism, adherence to global standards and procedure are the hallmarks of the award declaration and judging process