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Nomination Procedure

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute (Awards Program Announcements Procedure)

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, will be notifying about each Awards program, six months prior to the Award Ceremony so that there is sufficient time for the submission of nominations including other required details.

The Organization Committee Will Welcome Nominations from:

  • Nominations can be submitted by an Individual in an Organization
  • Nominations can be submitted by Regional and Global Public Relations Firms
  • Nominations can be submitted by Regional and Global Consultancy Firms
  • Nominations can be submitted by Regional and Global Advertising Agencies

The Awards Nomination Procedures and Submission

  • Nominations can be submitted from all government and private business organizations
  • The nomination can be submitted in Arabic or English
  • The nomination forms for the awards should be filled in online
  • The nominations must match with the award criteria, goals, objectives and instructions
  • The nominee / nominated institution must be from the Middle East
  • The winners for each award will be decided as per the criteria of that particular award
  • The committee has the authority and liberty to add new categories and criteria to the awards
  • Nominees can be nominated for more than one category of award
  • The committee may add or cancel an award nomination after consultation with specialists and experts
  • If a certain nomination does not match a given category, then the judging panel has the authority and liberty to switch the category
  • The judging panel can cancel an award if the nominations do not match with the criteria and conditions
  • All the applications and documents related to the award nomination procedure will be handled confidentially
  • Submitted nominations have to be self-contained and in accordance with the international standards
  • An individual who has participated or won an award in the past event can be nominated again if they have made other notable achievements
  • The judging panel can eliminate any nomination that does not meet the requirements and criteria for the award
  • The judging panel can eliminate any nomination that contains incorrect or inappropriate data or information

Submission of Extra Supporting Documents

  • Extra supporting documents would include photographs, CDs, or any other scientific research literature
  • The documents should be attached and organized systematically
  • The organizing committee would retain in its custody the documents submitted and will not return it
  • All the documents submitted along with a nomination would be handled confidentially
  • Additional supporting documents should include experience certificates, achievement certificate, pertinent project reports

Extra Supporting Documents

All nominations must contain sufficient information to help the selection process, without having to ask for additional research. Each nomination submitted must adhere to the following outline and page counts:

Curriculum Vitae or Resume

Include with the nomination the candidate's curriculum vitae or professional resume, to provide the selection committee with a more comprehensive overview of the candidate's accomplishments and experiences.

For Individual Awards Program - References Required

Include a minimum of three reference from current or former colleagues, employers, editors, or associates. The reference should focus on the candidate's leadership ability, vision, professional skills, influence, and accomplishments that qualify the candidate for the award

How Are The Winners Chosen?

  • The winners are decided and chosen by the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute Hudging Panel
  • The winners will be notified through a formal correspondence - email and phone calls
  • The winners will be announced at a special ceremony in the presence of various government and other senior dignitaries
  • The results will be featured on the official site of the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute and in other media

Last Date for sending nomination is two weeks before the awards ceremony.