The Top 25 Leading Women’s Business Projects

The Middle East Excellence Award Institute, take this opportunity to thank all businesswomen and investors for their great efforts and contributions made towards the development of SME’s, the Startup, and their involvement in developing the competitiveness of the national economy initiatives fostering sustainable economic growth, transformation and emerging as a global inspiration. The achievements of the region over the past 25 years (Silver Jubilee Celebration-25 Years) represent a remarkable change in the concepts of business and economic performance, these achievements have been recognized internationally, that have contributed to enhancing the competitive position of the business sector and enhancing its economic path on the global map.

In continuation of the commitment of the Institute, supporting the region’s business global competitiveness and in promoting the foundations of innovation, knowledge, business development and other modern management pillars in the context of the modern global economy.

The Institute with the support of its partners and international concern organizations, with great pleasure present the Top 25 Leading Women’s Business Projects and Companies.

In this context, the Institute will announce the Top 25 Leading Women’s Business Projects and Companies who have contributed to the development of the business and the national economy of the Middle East Region over the past 25 years, who have managed to lead their business despite changes and developments in the regional and global economy and in accordance with best global institutional practices.