Woibex Middle East Top 100 Women Leaders

Coinciding with the celebrations of the largest global women leader’s conferences and the excellence awards program, the 25th Global Women Leaders Conference (Silver Jubilee Celebration-25 Years) and keeping in view, the vision of the Middle East Excellence Award Institute to honor the best achievements of women leadership in building a vision that is focused on advancing the competitive path of knowledge and development for women leaders, Best practices and innovative outputs in an effort to enhance the women’s global competitive positions especially for the potential future women leaders. On this occasion, the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute will announce the names of the most prominent 100 women leaders from different fields and sectors, whom presence has become a milestone in their organizations and who have contributed to support the awareness of knowledge, leadership development and transformation based on innovation and achievements of organizational competitive advantage, keeping the pace with global economic changes.

1. Has demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities and leadership skills.
2. Contributed significantly to women's economic empowerment regionally and globally.
3. Has strategic knowledge of empowerment of the country’s ICT.
4. Motivated all stakeholders to improve the strategy implementation, proposed policies, actions and plans.
5. Significantly contributed to the influence of knowledge in their field and across multiple disciplines.
6. With a strong focus on business, she has done publications and presentations.
7. Built a strong personal relation with peers from around the world.
8. Impacted their company's performance and their team's productivity.
9. Recognizes the value of her team, encourages them to perform at their highest level.
10. Urges healthy habits through personal practices by improving self-awareness and open communication.
11. Demonstrates real growth and development of the Technology due to a unique and innovative approach.
12. Supports investors who continue to provide economical access to women entrepreneurs.
13. During the pandemic invested in women-owned or led technology businesses.
14. Played an important role in building new ventures from scratch and expanding existing firms.
15. Strategically facilitated investes fostering social and economic inclusion for women worldwide.
16. Made an impact in the community sector of business, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.
17. Took Innovated approach to lead local or international business excellence.
18. Advanced the ability of women to earn a living and to the economic betterment of other women.
19. Empowered women by education-based programs, initiatives or personal actions.
20. Take initiatives in developing programs to encourage women to pursue higher education.
21. Effecting both business and society with their processes, patents and knowledge with great efficiency.
22. Provided solutions for environmental problems to achieve great sustainability for business and the planet.
23. Developed a program for consulting and mentoring to the growing number of women entrepreneurs.
24. Developed an organization dedicated to help women achieve financial freedom through entrepreneurship.
25. A passionate leader dedicated to the pursuit of self-improvement and community service.
26. She is an excellent role model for women in the workplace, especially in fast-growing business areas.
27. Supports and inspire the region's drive of innovation and ingenuity in the modern and digital economy.
28. Should be a women leader who supports and embarks on a global excellence development.
29. Supports the journey of Middle East region's leadership and organizational development goals.
30. Develop a key talent to engage in strategic initiatives at both local and international levels.
31. A women leader who has gained global trust through transparent and competitive leadership.
32. Contributed significantly to the welfare and growth of the country and its people.
33. Should be recognized by their peers for having outstanding leadership skills and taking initiatives.
34. Inspired others to achieve new goals and make major contributions across multinational corporations.
35. Has made significant contributions in the area of Technology in her company and the industry at large.
36. Acted as a role model to overcame challenges for women from underrepresented backgrounds.
37. The Nominee should be a visionary leader for IT-powered smart cities.
38. In the era of 5G, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology, her skills match’s the latest technologies.
39. Played a role in transforming public services like public safety, transport and mobility, hospitals and more.
40. Understands how smart technologies lead to smart government services and better outcomes for citizens.
41. Should be a women leader supporting knowledge advancement and driving innovation and excellence.
42. Promotes the application of computer technology to improve business processes.
43. Committed to continuous learning and development to deliver measurable and impactful results.
44. The Nominee is a woman who champions bringing together global leaders of industries.
45. Should be an exemplary role model to empower all cultures and civilizations through youth initiatives.
46. Has made a positive impact on people's lives by improving their education, health or employment status.
47. Devoted herself to develop her skills and striving to reach a level where she can realize her full potential.
48. Determined to become a strong contributor and leader in her organization and community.
49. She is a visionary and can lead change and have the public trust.
50. Demonstrates a willingness to co-create with men and women.
51. Dares to face challenges unique to women and makes a positive impact on the community.
52. This achievement can range from work in any profession or industry making a difference in others lives.
53. Demonstrated significant influence on the lives of others, particularly to gender’s equality.
54. She does her duty as a respectable citizen of the country without any criminal record.
55. She may not have had an easy life, but she has kept her determination intact through it all.
56. She balances her personal and work life well.
57. The Nominee should have brought internationalized women-run businesses in the region.
58. Attracted international partners and potential investors from other economies.
59. Contributed to build a network among women entrepreneurs, consultants and investors across the region.
60. The Nominee should be A woman who leads the charge in promoting and empowering women as leaders, innovators, visionaries, pioneers, and entrepreneurs. She or he is a role model for other women to follow in overcoming personal and professional barriers to success.