I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm and sincere welcome to the pillars of our institution that comprise the leaders, decision-makers, intellectuals and experts, and all the supporters and other counterparts, who have supported us immensely throughout, and have been with us for these years. On this occasion, on behalf of The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, I would like to express my gratitude towards all the organizations for their continued support in achieving goals and projecting innovations that come together to build a culture of excellence in improving and developing the performance of government and private institutions in the region and  the future leaders.

The world economy is growing steadfast to be an economy that would be entirely based on technology and knowledge where the modern management systems will enforce the government and business organizations to develop methods for the creation of a knowledge-based economy that has become the fundamental criterion for success and excellence. As a part of this metamorphosis, the eagerness of this institute- which is regarded as one of the most important institutions to have a reference to knowledge and information- since 28 years has been to adhere to the international standards while keeping pace with the recent changes and makeovers in management and conduct various quality researches and field studies that focus on the best practices in the government and private institutions in order to identify the best technological achievements in all the areas of modern economy management.

The institution honors the principles and prominent leadership of the various regional and global leaders, decision makers, and various organizations that are path breakers of leadership excellence. It focuses on the economic achievements and administrative influence of these individuals, and also throws light on the pivotal role played by them in leading the regional economy to the threshold of the new world. It aims to make a quantum leap and a comprehensive approach in the performance of all those have contributed immensely to make their vision a great success, and who were able to take the maximum advantage of the opportunities available to them regionally and internationally and making the best out of those opportunities.

I once again thank you all for your continued support towards the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, whose whole and soul aim is to seek and build a culture of excellence to improve the performance of governments and private institutions in the region.

Ali Al Kamali,
Managing Director