Woman Leader in Tourism Excellence Award

The "Woman Leader in Tourism Excellence Award" recognizes a woman leader who has demonstrated excellence and a high level of commitment to the tourism sector and also has been actively engaged in mentoring travel and tourism professionals.

The award intends to felicitate extraordinary women in the field of travel, tourism, and hospitality. An outstanding Individual with a clear vision and mission that tourism, conceivably being the biggest industry in the world, could be the most sustainable development of global economies.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Can be from either the government or the private sector.
  • must be a woman professional in the tourism sector of Middle East origin.
  • have been based and working in the Middle East for at least the past three years.
  • have improved the educational and professional environment for women in the tourism sector.
  • Has enhanced the development of women into positions of greater leadership tourism sector.
  • Has inspired other women to be leaders through their careers in the tourism sector.
  • Promoted positive attitudes and high morale in their work.
  • Achieved impressive aspirations for women entrepreneurs looking for a role model to emulate.
  • Contributed effectively and immensely towards the tourism sector development of the region.
  • Adopting tangible measures to ensure enhanced sustainability within the tourism sector
  • Is committed to providing great hospitality experiences and leadership to other women.
  • Contributed ta unique set of skills, talent, experience and flair to their job and organization.
  • Created a platform for the woman in the tourism industry to engage and be empowered.
  • Has shown extraordinary dedication and commitment, particularly in the past year’s challenges.
  • Is working across any area of the tourism economy.
  • Must be a bright star helping to advance the world tourism industry.
  • Have an influencer partnership who successfully achieved campaign goals and wider community.
  • should Have the utmost innovative skills in tourism, attracting more tourists and capital inflow.
  • Is proficient in multiple foreign languages as a basic prerequisite for successful communication.
  • should have fascinating knowledge of the culture and history of the country for the tourism development.
  • Has achieved a big picture thinking, strategy development and most importantly, customer service.