Woman Leaders in Sports Management Excellence Award

The Award honors women leaders, teams, corporate management, community or who have made remarkable contributions to the sports management development, encouragement, and reinforcement of women's participation in sports fields, and it recognizes the achievement of a woman leader who has excelled in sports or related activities.

The nominee must be involved in a sporting organization's activity or managing sports organizations and related activities.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Is involved in professional or amateur sports.
  • Inspires all those who aspire to sport and related activities.
  • Bears to be a role model to encourage women to take up sports as a profession for life.
  • Encourages women to pursue sport as an active and healthy lifestyle option.
  • Has a profile that encourages more women to participate in sports and games.
  • Have actively promoted a healthy lifestyle.
  • Exemplified effective leadership and presence in the sports industry.
  • Excelled not only in sport management but also contributed to both sport and society.
  • Serves as a model of effective practices for current and future sports executives
  • Exhibit imagination, excitement and genius in sparking a keen public interest.
  • Has become an appreciation for the role of sport in modern society.
  • Tempered strength in bringing nations together through sport for the betterment of mankind
  • Exhibit the qualities of dedication, grace under pressure, personal sacrifice and dignity.
  • Characterized the promotion of human welfare and social reform in sports management.
  • Have contributed to promoting international goodwill through the effective use of sport.
  • Demonstrated courageous action in overcoming adversity to excel in a sport.
  • Actively sponsored women to advance into championships.
  • Participated in national or international competitions or/and championships
  • Supports humanitarian prospects as an individual or as part of a team.
  • Made any research, course through technology, artificial intelligence (AI) or data analysis.
  • Gained a deeper knowledge in the field of sports.
  • Helps in public awareness in specific areas through popular platforms should be pointed out.
  • Has at least five years of acceptable work experience in Sports or related management role.
  • Exhibits all of the management functions and is a well-known figure in the sports arena
  • Have an abiding belief in the need of ethical behavior in sports management.