Woman Leader Self-Employed Excellence Awards

The "Women Leader Self-Employed Excellence Awards" recognizes self-employed women who have unveiled exceptional leadership skills in their industry or sector. The award honors a leading woman in business who made herself stand out with her unique focus and dedication to her professional development while paving the path for the next generation of women entrepreneurs. These women have strengthened their businesses and communities, bringing economic prosperity to the region. These women are actively engaged in self-employment, enduring significantly to be role models for other women.

The Awards will felicitate an outstanding women personality in the region who has showcased extraordinary caliber in delivering social information and catering to the needs of an info society with her unwavering commitment and strong skills.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Has shown innovative leadership and mentored and supported women in law enforcement.
  • Is a role model or mentor who shows dedication to women's advancement in the Army.
  • Managed tasks that were once considered male-only territory.
  • Have been based and working in the Middle East region.
  • Contributed significantly to her profession and improved law enforcement for women.
  • Has a significant service track record to her profession and society.
  • Makes significant contributions in their chosen field of work.
  • Promotes positive attitudes and high morale in their work.
  • Worked to empower and develop young women leaders in this field.
  • Initiated practical steps for combating social issues and promoted women's empowerment.
  • Has been pioneer in business by clearly articulating her unique contributions to her field.
  • Created an inclusive, empowering culture in her workplace to improve performance.
  • Has proven her acts as a role model for other women.
  • Promotes women in her business to improve women's leadership in her community.
  • Shared best practices for these policies, benefits, or programs with external audiences.
  • Exhibited business growth, customer satisfaction, and effective strategies for the future.
  • Is a female that makes a positive impact on society in terms of social and charitable activities.
  • Is recognized as a good leader, a fair employer and mentor to achieve the organization's vision.
  • Is an entrepreneur who has proactively developed their skills and has ambitions for the future.
  • Is a woman who is breaking business boundaries and has inspirational journey to success.
  • Inspires, motivates and paved the path to success for more female business owners.