Women Leader in Oil and Gas Excellence Award

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The “Women Leader in Oil and Gas Excellence Award” recognizes and validates the leadership skills of women working in the field of the oil and gas industry. The awards appreciate talented, highly successful women leaders who demonstrate excellence in their roles as engineers, geoscientists and technical managers, etc., at all levels. The objective is to create greater visibility for women leaders in our rapidly changing industry, thereby encouraging more women to enter into senior management positions.

These award-deserving, high-performing individuals from the global energy industry with determining the potential for being a future leaders within the business have outclassed the women in the global energy industry. These women are exceptional leaders with proven leadership and project management skills with a continuous penchant for personal and professional growth and success.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Has highlighted professional and personal achievements in the oil and gas field.
  • Successfully led a process in establishing practices to increase productivity in this field.
  • Pioneered or led her organization as an effective role model to the younger women in the field.
  • Innovated within her role through introducing a technology or process beneficial to business.
  • Helped the business save time and money by implemented an out-of-the-box idea
  • Transformed her division/project amongst others with her leadership skills.
  • Have possessed outclass professional skills and job know-how.
  • Made efforts in upgrading the knowledge through courses, articles and authored publications.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in unplanned and challenging situations.
  • Led end-to-end senior projects management of new ideas that improved business performance.
  • Made a substantial effort to upgrade this knowledge continuously.
  • Have taken take the course and extra-curricular initiatives at the University.
  • Contributed to research and development projects and thesis.
  • Worked on Projects that directly or indirectly impact the energy sector.
  • Has geographical focus to make an impact regionally or internationally.
  • Have contributed to the gender equality managing current and future human capital.
  • Has implemented novel recruitment and retention policies.
  • Has identified and suggested strategies to optimize employee performance.
  • Directed community engagement for real benefit to resolve the local area issues.
  • Created a direct or indirect benefit for deserving individuals in her field.
  • Built a brand reputation for the organization.
  • Developed direct benefits for the organization’s employees outside the work environment.
  • Addressed a positive benefit to the organization’s reputation in the communities she works for.
  • Developed the oil and gas industry with measurable impact of initiatives she took.
  • Raised money or group of investors and board members who believe in company’s vision.
  • Found ways to mitigate the causes of environmental issues, making impacts on the world.
  • Led environmental and engineering solutions to the upstream the oil and gas industry.
  • Has a passion and expertise to develop innovative and efficient technology in the field of energy.
  • Contributed to the oil industry as well as socially, economically and physically.