Women Leaders in Megaproject Management Excellence Award

The "Women Leaders in Megaproject Management Excellence Awards" is a celebration of the year's most extraordinary women in project management. These extraordinary women are rewarded for their leadership ability to overcome challenges and inspire their teams. The program recognizes exceptional performance and offers an opportunity to join a community of global peers who understand excellence, innovation, and teamwork.

The award recognizes the women leaders who have demonstrated excellence and a high level of commitment and have been actively engaged in megaproject activities. They must be a project leader who inspires, motivate, and needs to emerge within the industry. Also reveals how to build a sustainable project through integration and change introduction initiation.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Should have been based in the Middle East.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to women's success in the mega projects.
  • Has Innovative a far-reaching social responsibility benefits the community or environment.
  • Should have successfully overcome the gender gap through her leadership excellence.
  • Provided guidelines for achieving specific project, program, and portfolio management results.
  • Added value to the organization by supporting successful strategic initiatives.
  • Proved herself as a woman who revolutionize project management techniques and theories.
  • Possess strong aptitudes across a range of interpersonal skills.
  • Continuously cultivate her abilities to ensure success.
  • Utilized her creative skill to tackle various risks with modern innovations in Megaprojects.
  • Well managed projects or organizations with high levels of complexity, risk or uncertainty.
  • Is impressive enough to inspire the young women looking for a role model to emulate.
  • Used her talent and passion to inspire others to reach their full potential
  • Made an impact in the workplace making it a better place for all those they serve.
  • Implemented a scope, schedule and budget within reasonable tolerance in each constraint.
  • Has exceptional leadership qualities, and prominent achievements in Megaprojects.
  • Maintains successful track record that significantly contributed to her organization and industry.
  • Pays attention to detail and obsession with achieving objectives on time and on-budget.
  • Should have Mastery of the project management process and tools.
  • Has the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities.
  • Have proved or demonstrated long-term sustainable results.
  • Demonstrate high ethical standards.
  • Maintains relationships with clients and team members
  • Possess great analytical skills and have excellent communication skills.