Woman Leader in Media Excellence Award

The woman leader in media excellence award recognizes the outstanding woman each year who has exhibited excellence at an executive level and who is leading and has a motivated magnitude in the national media industry. Moreover, the award aims to empower and inspire women to take the lead and fulfill their professional potential in media management and development.

The award recognizes those exceptional women in the media industry who achieved brilliant success in their professional arenas and have outright their invaluable contributions through their leadership, innovation, and courage to the media industry.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Is a woman media and communications professional of Middle East origin.
  • Works for the Middle East or a multinational media organization.
  • Is a media organization that may offer news in general or specific to a sector of the industry.
  • Have contributed significantly to the media and communications field with her unique insight.
  • Have raised several women-specific issues via her work and provoked thought and action.
  • Has a good command of various media communication and broadcasting strategies.
  • Possess the capability of establishing partnerships with other organizations.
  • Is efficient in meeting the customers' demand with an efficient and professional approach.
  • Have led to significant development of the institution's productivity and performance of its staff.
  • Exhibited emphatic leadership in initiating visions and strategies to strengthen the media sector.
  • Has exceptional skills has benefited and advanced the media presence in the region.
  • Has established worthy tie-ups with regional and international newspapers and other editorials.
  • Has significant participation in various media promoting seminars and other events.
  • Works by the policies and standards set by the organization to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Devised strategies that influence young women leaders to establish their position in the sector.
  • bridged the communication gap between the government and private sectors through her leadership skills.
  • Reflected success in attracting audiences by realizing efficient market strategies.
  • Targeted social events covering events and conferences regionally and globally.