Woman Leader in Knowledge Management Excellence Award

The "Woman Leader in Knowledge Management Excellence Award" recognizes women leader excellence in knowledge management.

The award recognizes the women leaders achieving real-world impact in knowledge management programs, including improved productivity, accelerated innovation, faster decision-making, and decreased cycle time to competency. The women leaders have realized the measurable business benefit by embedding both technology and knowledge management into the work processes.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Displayed extraordinary leadership skills in knowledge management.
  • Promoted the opportunities that lead to continuous growth and development of the organization.
  • Developed the organization as a place for the orientation of knowledge and innovation.
  • Improved institutional competitiveness while strengthening its relations with other institutions.
  • Identified the reasons for the knowledge gap in the region to bridge the gap.
  • Initiated and implemented various projects based on knowledge-management applications.
  • Devised effective performance indicators to measure the conduct and growth of the organization.
  • Worked to empower and develop young women leaders in this field.
  • Demonstrated effective and influential decision-making skills.
  • kept track of the prominent regional and global developments in knowledge management.
  • Demonstrated significant problem-solving skills in developing the ICT competencies
  • Built extended partnerships with external organizations for joint development of the region.
  • Utilized her leadership skills to tackle challenges in the latest knowledge system innovations.
  • Dealt with various education and knowledge-based strategies.
  • Established methodologies that are in the organization's best interest.
  • Supported a culture of dynamism, innovation, and creativity in knowledge and education.
  • Demonstrated significant problem-solving skills in developing the ICT competencies.