Woman Leader in Innovation and Creativity Excellence Award

The "Woman Leader in Innovation and Creativity Excellence Award" acknowledges the achievements of a woman who has made noteworthy achievements in organizational capability and outstanding performance through the application of knowledge-based initiatives and innovation. The award will celebrate the sheer joy of creative and innovative projects led by women leaders developing a culture of excellence.

The Eligibility Criteria to Submit a Nomination For an Award:

  • Displayed leadership skills, promoting the organization's growth opportunities.
  • Formulated effective performance indicators to measure growth of the organization.
  • Utilized her leadership skills to tackle various risks and challenges.
  • Followed the latest knowledge and education system’s innovations.
  • Dealt with various education and knowledge-based strategies in the organization's best interest.
  • Supported a culture of dynamism, innovation, and creativity in knowledge and education.
  • Worked to empower and develop the young women leaders in this field.
  • Demonstrated effective and influential decision-making skills.
  • Kept the track of the prominent regional and global developments in knowledge management.
  • Demonstrated significant problem-solving skills in developing the ICT competencies.
  • Has extended partnerships with other external organizations for the development of the region.
  • Developed the organization a place for the exchange and orientation of knowledge and innovation.
  • Identified the reasons for the knowledge gap in the region and bridged the gap.
  • Initiated and implemented various projects based on knowledge-management applications.
  • Addressed the societal challenges and proposed sustainable strategical solutions and innovations.
  • Demonstrated exceptional efforts to develop new skills and competencies
  • Thrived to expand her work responsibilities, as appropriate.
  • Proactively presumed responsibility for new projects.
  • Demonstrated exceptional talent, increasing effective problem-solving processes and methods.
  • Facilized solutions to overcome the barriers to enhance operations efficiency.
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills to identify and analyzes solutions with strong judgement.