woman Leader in Health Care Management Excellence Award

The Woman Leader in Health Care Management Excellence Award honors outstanding women who have significantly impacted the healthcare industry by improving patient care or providing excellent services. Judges consider nominee’s performance, career goals, leadership, and contributions to the community. The Award acknowledges the woman leaders who are working, running and managing a healthcare organization, those women leaders who have contributed to improving and enhancing the healthcare management system and organization’s services quality and leadership and do have the best-services case studies in the Middle East region.

The award recognizes healthcare management professionals who are ambitious and committed to making a difference and who contribute to the community in the field of managing hospitals, clinics, and healthcare education, research, and development.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Developed a professional healthcare management strategy for happiness and positivity.
  • Strategically turned aspirations into tangible achievements for individuals and organizations.
  • Implemented healthcare management regulations, policies and plans for customer services.
  • Promoted a work environment that fosters happiness and goodwill in healthcare management.
  • Engaged social media to positively influence health issues important to the community.
  • Promotes efficient communication for management and staff in the healthcare organization.
  • Built healthcare management policies to raise the happiness-at-work and towards customers.
  • Made strategies to increase the workforce satisfaction of employees through various activities.
  • Possess a high professionalism in healthcare management services.
  • Follow-ups to ensure that customers have received the services professionally.
  • Has secured customer service transactions according to the latest global smart services.
  • Demonstrated personal achievements includes awards, honorary degrees, publications etc.
  • Consistently providing exemplary service for quality in the field of health care
  • Leads in the application of the highest medical quality standards.
  • Has innovative methods and skills to accomplish achievements.
  • Contributed to improving healthcare through mentoring and knowledge sharing.
  • Maintained a balance between life and workload positively.
  • Demonstrate integrity and balance between professional and personal commitments.
  • Made efforts for deserving women for financial donations.
  • Contributed to community welfare support towards women's causes.
  • Worked as humanitarian and volunteerism that carried out to help women and children.
  • Participated in sponsoring health-related community activities.
  • Demonstrated excellence in infrastructure and technology in provision of healthcare facilities
  • Provided main center and sub-center clients with the necessary information and instructions.
  • Built a platform to respond suggestions and complaints in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Must be a woman who has widely known as an advocate for women health care issues.
  • Have active involvement in legislative issues and initiatives affecting health care.