Women Leader in Fashion Excellence Award

The "Woman Leader in Fashion Excellence Award" is presented to a woman who exemplifies leadership in the fashion industry and has made significant contributions professionally to the fashion industry's growth. This award recognizes a woman who has had a remarkable impact on Fashion, positively influencing others and creating opportunities for other women leaders.

The women Leader in Fashion Excellence Award celebrates the best innovations and creativity in Fashion, and this award praises invaluable contributions that have changed the entire fashion landscape. Their dedication to the craft has attracted legions of fans, and the incredible body of work has already left an indelible mark on the entire industry. Fashion Excellence Award recognizes the fashion business that has overseen both creative and commercial success in the past year. With a natural aptitude to nurture both creative talent and commercial growth, the "Fashion Excellence Award" enables creative freedom alongside Fashion creativity, generating innovation and excitement within the fashion industry and beyond.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award are

  • Establishes a notable business, academic or other achievements in Fashion.
  • Has measured improvements in the quality of life of the defined Fashion community.
  • Contributed to employing creative ways to find new fashion designs or creations.
  • Maturely overcome political, social, and environmental challenges to deliver their fashion ideas.
  • Used internal and external communication and public relations outreach.
  • Used innovative and creative marketing strategies for TV, radio, social media, and direct marketing
  • Developed the best use of the Metaverse by a fashion brand to market and sell to customers.
  • Contributed to creating a live shopping campaign that effectively drove sales for a fashion brand.
  • Developed an innovative strategy to improve products, create awareness and increase sales.
  • Supported retailers that leveraged partnerships to serve customers and meet business objectives.
  • Developed a product, sub-brand launch campaign or has rebranded successfully generated buzz.
  • Engaged audience and improved brand positioning in the industry.
  • Partnered with an influencer that has most successfully achieved campaign goals.
  • Developed a brand of new technology has most significantly enhanced the customer experience.
  • Created a video strategy that most effectively drove audience engagement for a fashion brand.
  • Established a brand with cohesive and unique on-brand customer experience across channels.
  • Partnered with a resale company that consistently met or exceeded the set goals expectations.
  • Created a fashion marketplace to support the sales of both startups and known fashion brands.
  • Emerged a fashion brand that successfully became a trend setter in the industry.
  • Has the ability to manage and conduct a fashion show, award ceremony or social gathering.
  • Made a great impact on the social and fashion scene of a country.
  • Can be a female leader who is journalist or blogger in the field of fashion and beauty.
  • if happens to be a blogger, a well-documented, trendy and up-to-date fashion blog is considered.
  • In the fashion industry can be an entrepreneur, role models and mentors.