Women Leader in Community Services Excellence Award

The "Women Leader in Community Services Excellence Award" recognizes a woman leader who has demonstrated excellence and a high level of commitment to community services and has been actively engaged in the societal developmental activities of the region, and her actions have had a positive impact on their community and its people.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Must be a woman of Middle East origin engaged in community services.
  • Have contributed significantly to the regional socio-economic development.
  • Led to significant growth and development in the community services.
  • Effectively improved the organization's productivity and its members' performance.
  • Demonstrated emphatic leadership in initiating visions and strategies to strengthen the community.
  • The nominee should have contributed to beneficial and crucial services for advancing the region.
  • Devised strategies that influence young women leaders to establish their position in the sector.
  • Worked in accordance with the policies and standards to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Made significant contributions to building a sense of unity and purpose in her community.
  • Is an individual who assists others in improving their communities.
  • Demonstrates positive values and behaviors that influence others.
  • Established their role as a change agent.
  • Contributed to the public, private sector, civil society, and women’s rights campaigns.
  • Has made a worldwide effort to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls.
  • Promoted women’s empowerment and equality between men and women.
  • Encouraged innovative approaches and strategies to achieve women’s empowerment.
  • Fostered creative and inclusive thinking to achieve women’s empowerment.
  • The nominee should have made efforts to recognize the equality of sustainable development for nations.
  • Supports to raise the profile of hardworking businesswomen locally and nationally.
  • The nominee should be a woman who strives to make real changes to progress and provide Support to women in need.
  • The nominee should Run inspiring, exciting, and unique workshops that lead to strong outcomes for women.
  • The nominee should be a woman that supports women who are survivors of violence.
  • The nominee should have advocated for the prevention of violence against women and girls.
  • The nominee should have assisted women and girls to continue their education through formal or informal support
  • The nominee should have tried to increase awareness of injustice or discrimination in society against women.