Woman Leader in Business Development Excellence Award

The award pays tribute to the remarkable expertise of businesswoman leaders for their overall excellence and achievements in managing and running a business with innovative leadership. It recognizes the impact of her contribution to the regional and global businesses in the national and global economy, and throughout the process, it highlights the important role that women leaders play in today's business organizations and how they inspire potential businesswomen leaders.

The award focuses on those businesswomen leaders, who are supporting businesses in achieving sustainable growth that provides women with the opportunities to build the future of national economy. These women are developing and highlighting the best businesswomen’s achievements with the world’s leading innovation and technology in both regional and global projects, and the award benchmarks the full spectrum of their products and services that review and analyses their business performance.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Has demonstrated leadership over years in regional and global markets.
  • Must have been a pioneer in her industry with a significant professional accomplishment.
  • Has been a Pioneer in business clearly articulating her unique contributions to her field.
  • Contributed to develop an organization that has achieved the great level of success.
  • Emphasized on why its major products and services are unique and par excellence.
  • have played a part to incorporate sustainability in overcoming the economic challenges.
  • Demonstrated unique leadership skills in advancement of corporate.
  • Is a senior executive leader, recognized as a professional who has media coverage.
  • Established professional networks for talented women to realize their full potential.
  • Have been supporting individuals to build their talent profiles.
  • The nominee should act as a role model for other women and given her time in advocating other women.
  • Partake mentorship measures for the advancement of young female talent in her industry.
  • Promoted women's leadership regionally and globally.
  • Committed to business development/strategy to become more inclusive in gender equality.
  • Has sponsored the emerging female talent, encourage other females to sponsor young talent.
  • Supports women's initiatives/programs within the company and community.
  • Created a culture that empowering woman in her workplace to drive better and efficient performance.
  • Marked a difference across the business industry creating pathways for others to follow.
  • Attained outstanding achievements in the area of company unit growth.
  • Impacted revenue for the business development improving efficiency of processes.