Woman Leader in Art Excellence Award

The 'Woman Leader in Art Excellence Award' recognizes a woman leader who has a commitment to cultivating a culture of discovery, offering exciting new global perspectives, and has gained extraordinary achievements in Art.

The award recognizes women artists who have expanded their commitment to cultivating a culture of discovery with broadening conversations about art beyond traditional western-led geographical scopes and narratives. The award will acknowledge the nominee's contributions to the Middle East and global art industries.


  • Demonstrated exemplary skills in bringing creativity and innovativeness to the designs.
  • Made a significant impact on the Middle East or international art industry.
  • Portered steady growth in her career graph in the fields of art and fashion.
  • Actively participated to women's empowerment.
  • Marked the name of the region on the map of the global fashion and art industry.
  • Interpreted the clarity of the theme to the viewer.
  • Has Creativity and originality of the depicted theme.
  • Possess the Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on the theme.
  • Conveyed an idea or project that show cased the creative thinking and originality of that idea.
  • Has a perspective, proportions, anatomy, composition, lighting, and edges in their artwork.
  • Introduce a thought, concept, or idea and made the viewer think higher.
  • Used seven elements which are line, color, value, shape, form, space, and texture.
  • Demonstrate excellence in the creation.
  • Gave a feeling to its photograph as the viewer is walking next to it and can’t stop staring at it.
  • Ensured her art conquers the theme and pays homage to it.
  • Attracted a smooth interaction between line, color, texture, shape, and size, pleasing the senses.
  • Is a true industry leader who built an impressive legacy.
  • Demonstrated a plethora of accomplishments with a noteworthy authentic passion.
  • Is a well-known name in the art industry with an impressive list of accomplishments.