Women Leader in Armed Forces Excellence Award

The Award is to recognize women leaders serving in the Armed Forces, including active duty and reservist, and who is in the national guard.

The Award is oriented to the women leaders who have displayed leadership and commitment to national security and military education, as well as promoting the advancement and recognition of women leaders in addition to supporting the promotion of women in the defense industry.

The Eligibility criteria to submit a nomination for an award:

  • Displays an exceptional character that distinguishes her as an outstanding military leader
  • Demonstrates to be role model or mentor for the advancement of armed force personnel.
  • Promotes public services, human rights, equal opportunities in Armed Forces.
  • Contributed to advance opportunities based on merit for all Armed Forces members.
  • Believed in the tenets of modern society, including the declaration of Independence
  • Believes that all people have equal freedom rights that must always be protected.
  • Assisted in overcoming discrimination to hinder the equal opportunity for women armed forces.
  • Created jobs opportunities to support the progress of women members in the Armed Forces.
  • Developed a strong training program to mature the next generation of armed forces women.
  • Contributed to develop data showing outcomes (turnover, lateral movements, etc…)
  • Enabling women to succeed in armed forces professional roles with consideration for their roles.
  • Possess Strong local leadership engagement, utilization, and advocacy for such policies.
  • Has been Actively involved in developing policies, benefits or programs of armed force.
  • Shares best practices for policies for external audiences of armed force women personnel.
  • Developed Impactful programs to promote women to advanced armed forces programs.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to women's advancement and inspiration in the armed forces.