Woman Leader in Architecture Excellence Award

The "Woman Leader in Architecture Excellence Award" recognizes women worldwide for their knowledge and commitment to architecture and for setting new trends and worthy examples for young women by empowering them via promoting innovative architecture culture.

The award recognizes women's work in the wider architectural industry with a significant contribution to architecture and the human-built environment.


  • Is employed in a technical industry such as heavy engineering, architecture, construction, etc.
  • Demonstrated commitment to dynamic yet feasible designs.
  • Significantly contribute to her organization and industry.
  • Managed tasks that were once considered male-only territory.
  • Provided an excellent working environment for employees.
  • Took sustainable initiatives in a sector that is traditionally very energy reliant.
  • Led her organization in implementing new and sophisticated technology.
  • Incorporated unprecedented design, innovative materials and striking forms
  • introduced eco-friendly strategies in her project.
  • Demonstrated her outstanding understanding of technical issues.
  • Contributed to design excellence challenges in architects.
  • Possess a vision of what the profession strives to achieve.
  • Inspired sustainable, resilient, and inclusive design skills.
  • Made noteworthy contributions to the growth and prominence of the design field.
  • Has worked and revealed the very highest quality in architect.
  • Determines a positive work/life balance to be a role model to the following generation.
  • Has exceptional team leadership and management skills.
  • Has an outstanding architectural design talent.
  • Promoted equitable & sustainable practices in the architecture profession.
  • Made outmost design aspirations, focused on user’s experience for every project.
  • published internationally and is recognized for both design quality
  • has community-centered approach.