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The 26th International Women Leaders Congress
in Conjunction with the International Women’s Day Celebration

Date: 6-8 March 2024 Dubai, UAE
Participants: Women leaders from the global institutions
Speakers: Role model leaders and experts from regional and global institutions
Partners: Regional and global government and business organizations
Certificates: Will be issued to registered participant

The Events Supported by Global Official Institution’s

  • UN, World Bank, IMF, WTO, OECD and other International and Related Institutions
  • Media Portals, Magazine, Radio, News Agencies, and e-Newspapers

Displaying Flags of Participating Countries at the Congress Venue

  • When the total participant from a particular country reaches ten
  • When the total partner from a particular country reaches three

The Congress Theme

After, a successful Silver Jubilee Celebration, where astonishing global women leaders gathered to cherish their best practices and achievements, in the presence of the global prominent figure Ms. Maye Musk, where the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute has honored her with the prestigious awards “Women of the Year and the Lifetime Achievement Award-2023. The 2024 congress is focusing on exploring the modern international leadership strategies that nurture the evolution of women leaders into role models, fostering growth and inspiring the next generation of women role models.It also aims to provide support for young women leaders and seeks to fortify the competitiveness of women role models in the forthcoming era of global changes and address the directions and aspirations of contemporary role models, illuminating vital pathways for their growth while keeping pace with global progress and future modern management strategies.

The Delegation Activities and Program in Dubai

  • Meeting the Dubai businesses community for business partnership
  • Visiting the Dubai special places and knowing the best practices
  • Official organizations meetings based on arrangement.
  • Industry-specific site visits and demonstrations - based on arrangement.
  • Workshops and Seminars on Dubai's Business Landscape
  • Cultural Exchange Events with Dubai's and UAE Community
  • Informative gathering by Dubai's thought leaders
  • Collaborative Sessions with Dubai-Based Startups and Innovators
  • Evening receptions and dinners to foster networking.
  • Networking opportunities with Dubai's business leaders