Committed to Recognizing and Honoring Excellence,
Focusing on Merits, Rewarding Best Practices
and Outstanding Contributors

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The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute will continue its passionate journey of celebrating the indigenous achievements in honoring leaders and organizations bringing significant differences to the regional and global economic development over the past 4-decades. The institute aims to inspire the region's drive to remain in the forefront of innovation, creativity, and ingenuity in the new global modern and digital economy.

About 4-decades ago, the institute embarked on a global excellence development journey to accelerate the leadership and organizational development goals of the middle east region and the institute’s award program has gained global trust through a transparent and competitive judgement process which underlines its commitment to excellence.

Over the last 4-decades, the institute has focused on the merits by honoring the best practices and, efficiency in various sectors including leadership, social, economic, media, technological, knowledge management, innovation, administration, women leadership, organizational integration, and e-Transformation efforts towards the advancement of Digital Government and evolution of Digital Cities competitiveness in the era of 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT.

In this context, the outstanding contributions of leaders and organizations committed to pursuing innovation in government and business policies, and those who have made a significant positive enhancement to the growth and development of the Middle East region deserve a paramount recognition.

The Institute’s events and the awards programs are among the most important global events calendar for corporate and government leaders and are of vital importance in advancing knowledge, driving innovation and excellence with its global partners.

This in turn helps to bridge the digital, economic, and knowledge divide in the region and plays a big role in creating a connected world, thereby contributing towards the growth and national prosperity and global excellence. The events bring together global leaders of industries and champions of civilizations and cultures, to communicate and promote coherence and complementarities for achieving and reinforcing excellence and sustainable development.