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Awards Ceremony Program

Date: 30-May 2024 Dubai, UAE
Timing: 1-2pm
Participants: leaders from Government and business organizations
Awards Contact: info@meawards.com
Contact MD: kamali@datamatixgroup.com

Attendance and Seating

  • By invitation
  • By Registration
  • By Sponsorship
  • The seating tables are arranged by the institute.
  • Every Guest/Group will be allocated a table.

Dignitaries and VIPs at the Awards Ceremony

  • Government officials, Ambassadors, Diplomats, CEO, Chairman, Senior Executives.

Keynote Speaker

  • Will be announced soon.

Dress Code

  • Formal / National Dress

Awards Ceremony Attendees

  • Women leaders from councils, Shura councils, and boards of directors
  • Women leaders from United Nations, international bodies, and organizations.
  • Women Leaders from international institutions, interested in the development of women.
  • women leaders from ministries, government agencies, and institutions.
  • Women Leaders from business institutions, women, and entrepreneurs
  • Leaders of businesswomen councils.
  • Women leaders from universities and educational institutions.
  • Women leaders from the police, armed forces, and civil defense.
  • Leaders from various institutions and media.
  • Leaders from women's institutions, associations, and related institutions.
  • Women leaders from universities, colleges, and the educational sector

Invitation Guide

  • The institute would like to request all co-operate to gain maximum advantage from this event.
  • Only Invited guests are allowed to attend.
  • Only the awards sponsor and partner guests are allowed to attend.
  • Only the invitation cardholders will be permitted entry to the event premises.
  • Due to expected high participation level in the event, we appreciate an early arrival at the venue.
  • Please make sure the invitation card is not transferred to others.
  • Please be seated at the specific table you have been granted.
  • The team will guide you to your seating area.
  • Please take the exact seat corresponding to the number on the table
  • Please make sure to silent your mobile and not to speak loudly during the awards ceremony.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the venue.

Mobile Phone

  • As a courtesy, all are requested to silent their phones for the convenience of other delegates.

Registration Form

  • Reserve a single seat at the awards ceremony.
  • Reserve a group table at the awards ceremony.