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Quarter Century ICT Solution Providers Excellence Awards
(Top 28 Leading ICT Company and Solution Providers)

The Awards Profile and Objective

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute will recognize companies and ICT Solution Providers Excellence that have contributed to and led the digital and ICT development, technological infrastructure enhancement, and e-Transformation in the Middle East region.

Additionally, the institute will acknowledge companies and those solution providers who have empowered the regional government and business organizations towards 5G, AI, IoT, and the latest achievements and innovations in digital government and cities, eCommerce, while also improving the sustainability of digital services.

The Institute will honor the top 28 technology companies and solution providers for shaping institutional e-transformation, infrastructure, IT, communications, and knowledge systems in the region.

This recognition strengthens excellence and competitive leadership, advancing the region's ICT progress, enhancing performance, and service quality. The objective of the Award is to encourage the collaboration, knowledge sharing, and high excellence standards, inspiring improvement, and innovation.

By recognizing achievements and showcasing success stories of the ICT companies and solution providers, the event will promote the role of technology in transformation and elevates solution providers' reputation, this will foster competition, innovation, and excellence, nurturing a positive change in the technology sector.

The Awards Criteria

1. Contributed to build the distinguished technological corporate identity of the institutions.
2. Contributed to the achievement of strategic objectives and technological programs.
3. Contributed to the development of infrastructure in the ICT sector for the region.
4. Contributed to the development of the global competitiveness of ICT.
5. Contributed to the development of institutional partnerships with the government.
6. Contributed to the development of the second generation of leaders in information.
7. Contributed to increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization.
8. Contributed to the development and implementation of a plan for systems by solution providers.
9. Contributed to the development of creativity and institutional innovation and management.
10. Contributed to the employment of technological development.
11. Contributed to executed systems development plan.
12. Contributed to drove creativity and innovation through solution providing.
13. Contributed to well recognition in technology solutions industry.
14. Contributed to showcase the impactful solutions.
15. Contributed to share success stories platform.
16. Contributed to enable networking among peers and new talent in industry.
17. Contributed to eencouragee excellence and innovation among solution providers.
18. Contributed to mmotivate quality services.
19. Contributed to highlight their Tech's role in transformation in industry.
20. Contributed to shape unique technology identity.
21. Contributed to eenhance regional ICT infrastructure.
22. Contributed to Lead technology advancements in the region and globally.
23. Contributed to Integrated Big Data, AI, RPA in Middle East.
24. Contributed to Enabled cross-sector collaborations.
25. Contributed to Innovated solutions for cyber resilience.
26. Contributed to Drove data-driven decisions for decision makers.