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Quarter Century ICT Knowledge Leading Awards
(Top 28 Leading Knowledge Speakers and Consultants)

The Awards Profile and Objective

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute will honor and recognize the leading thought pioneers, technology knowledge consultants, speakers and knowledge experts who have spearheaded ICT development, technological infrastructure enhancement, and e-transformation knowledge and education in the Middle East region.

These are the knowledge leaders who have empowered organizations' human capital with the latest knowledge and education towards 5G, AI, IoT, and the latest information, achievements, and innovations in digital government and cities projects, eCommerce, as well as improving the sustainability of organizational digital knowledge management and technological education strategy.

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute will honor the top 28 influential speakers, consultants, and knowledge management experts for promoting sustainable excellence in technical education and ICT knowledge. Their contributions have augmented institutional development within the competitive Middle Eastern digital education landscape.

The objective of the award is to encourage the impactful efforts of speakers and consultants in driving knowledge advancement, digital transformation, and excellence across sectors, by highlighting their expertise and leadership, the awards inspire best practices, knowledge sharing, and effective strategies. The event encourages collaboration, partnership, and it showcases the successful methodologies, promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

The Awards Criteria, The Candidate:

1. Contributed to the dissemination of knowledge and strategies of technology.
2. Contributed to the dissemination of knowledge for the development in ICT sector.
3. Contributed to the development of the global competitiveness of technology
4. Contributed to the development of institutional partnerships.
5. Contributed to the development of technological knowledge among leaders.
6. Contributed to increasee the efficiency and productivity of human resources.
7. Contributed to the development of institutional creativity and innovation.
8. Contributed to eenhance the global technology competitiveness.
9. Contributed to forge government and business partnerships.
10. Contributed to ssuccessfully advanced the technological knowledge among leaders.
11. Contributed to ddemonstrate expertise in e-Transformation strategies.
12. Contributed to proven track record of delivering impactful knowledge sharing sessions.
13. Contributed to rrecognize thought leader in digital innovation.
14. Contributed to ccommunicate technology concepts to diverse groups.
15. Contributed to eexecute successful e-Transformation in organizations.
16. Contributed to rrecognize for superb speaking and presentation.
17. Contributed to influential publications or research in the field.
18. Contributed to create comprehensive educational materials on e-Transformation.
19. Contributed to ddevelop and executed successful digital strategy frameworks.
20. Contributed to gguide e-Transformation journeys for organizations.
21. Contributed to aacknowledge for pioneering advancements in AI, IoT, and 5G integration.
22. Contributed to ddemonstrate ability to inspire innovation within organizations.
23. Contributed to generate measurable improvements in organizations' digital capabilities.
24. Contributed to recognize inspirational digital ethics and security.
25. Contributed to foster collaborations and partnerships in the digital ecosystem.
26. Contributed to show commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with trends.
27. Contributed to ddeliver training and workshops that resulted in tangible skill development.
28. Contributed to rreceive industry rewards for e-Transformation efforts.