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Their Excellencies Quarter Century
Digital Leadership Awards
(Honoring the Top 28 Government and Business Personalities and Leaders)

The Awards Profile and Objective

The Middle East Excellence Awards institute will honor both current and former excellencies in the government and business sectors. It will recognize the leading executives and decision-makers who have spearheaded organizational Digital and ICT development, technological infrastructure enhancement, and e-Transformation in the Middle East region.

This acknowledgment is for their Digital leadership and ICT system development, it will honor those who have contributed to empowering organizations and human capital in adopting best practices, achieving success in government projects, advancing digital cities, and fostering a culture of creativity and innovation in delivering and sustaining institutional digital services.

Moreover, the awards will commend leaders who have driven organizations towards 5G, AI, IoT, and the latest achievements and innovations in digital government and cities, eCommerce, and improving the sustainability of organizational digital services.

In this context the Institute will honor the outstanding 28 government and business prominent figures and leaders who have significantly contributed to infrastructure, ICT systems, knowledge, and electronic transformation, fostering excellence, achievement, and competitive leadership. The institute will honor these leaders who have empowered organizations, fostered innovation, and enhanced digital sustainability, including advancements in 5G, AI, IoT, and digital government.

The objective of the award is to acknowledge leaders' contributions in the sustainable growth and global progress and to celebrate their visionary contributions that reshaped the industries and drove societal advancement. The award encourages innovation in technology, new business models and accomplishing global challenges in the digital domain.

The Awards Criteria - The Candidate

1. Contributed to build a globally distinguished digital corporate identity.
2. Contributed to the achievement of institutional strategic goals and development programs.
3. Contributed to the development of institutional infrastructure in the ict sector.
4. Contributed to the development of the global competitiveness of the ict sector in the region.
5. Contributed to the development of a sophisticated corporate structure based on global.
6. Contributed to the development of institutional partnerships with the government.
7. Contributed to the creation and development of the second generation of leaders in ict.
8. Contributed to increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization's human resources.
9. Contributed to the development of a management and implementation plan for global systems.
10. Contributed to the development of institutional creativity and innovation and building knowledge.
11. Contributed to the development of the global technological recruitment movement.
12. Contributed to enhance organization efficiency with technology.
13. Contributed to exhibit visionary thinking and innovative approaches.
14. Contributed to make significant contributions to industries through digital advancements.
15. Contributed to influence the thought leadership within the digital realm.
16. Contributed to create a positive impact on society through digital initiatives.
17. Contributed to foster collaborations and partnerships for digital growth.
18. Contributed to maintain a high standard of excellence over time.
19. Contributed to extend influence and contributions globally.
20. Contributed to nurture the next generation of digital leaders.
21. Contributed to demonstrate ethical and responsible leadership in the digital sphere.
22. Contributed to built global digital identity of the organization in ICT industry.
23. Contributed to implement technology for community development.
24. Contributed to leverag technology to address pressing global challenges.
25. Contributed to showcase adaptability in navigating evolving digital landscapes.
26. Contributed to policy development in the digital domain.
27. Contributed to demonstrat resilience in overcoming obstacles in digital leadership.