The "17th Middle East Future Leaders Excellence Awards" highlight, acknowledge and celebrate contributions and achievements of outstanding young leaders from government organizations for their exemplary leadership in driving their organizations to fulfill their organizations’ strategic goals, for their uncompromising style to instigate a culture to work and for acting as role model to all.

By identifying and recognizing leaders who have been able to achieve impressive growth and profit through innovative ways, the Middle East Young Employee and Future Leaders Excellence Awards, seek to recognize and celebrate their commitment and reward the hard work and success of employees with outstanding performance and who have made significant contributions to the organizations mission or strategic plan and/or have provided consistent support to the department’s objectives.


Global competitiveness defines the modern era, where the various government and business organizations have to be globally competent and possess exemplary leadership to face the cut-throat competition. Leaders are not born but made, and it is the responsibility of the senior level leaders to develop the leadership qualities of the third and fourth line leaders in order to encourage their participation in the mapping of the future and bringing the region to the forefront to build a cohesive society. The introduction of thought leadership will impart quality leadership skills and experiences to these new generation leaders enabling them to be good decision makers and come up with modern strategies to improve the institutional performances.

The 17th Middle East Young Employee and Future Leaders Excellence Awards aspires to recognize and support the growth and development of these leaders by revealing the practical experiences in the application of leadership practices that will facilitate the participation of these leaders in developing the region and organization successfully. The awards aim to:

  • Encourage the support mechanisms to develop the young leadership in order to be effective leaders and promote the institutional performance
  • Activate a culture of strategic planning and creative thinking to develop these leaders
  • Apply indicators that would measure strategic decision-making and creative thinking as the propellants for knowledge generation among the new generation leaders to face the contemporary challenges
  • Highlight the progressive roles of the young leaders in promoting and improving institutional performance and competitiveness of the state
  • Support the implementation of the best practices of global leadership based on the modern management science
  • To enhance the performance of the government organizations by developing the expertise knowledge and leadership skills
  • Equip them with the knowledge of modern economy management for decision-making in the era of global competitiveness


The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness. Read more

Past Award Winners
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