Nomination Procedure

  • Each nomination shall be supported by proper documents such as the following:
  • Organization or professional profiles
  • Special projects undertaken and program/project reports
  • Business reports
  • Product reports
  • Industry recommendations
  • Appreciation letters, certificates, past awards, and others
  • Supporting materials may be submitted in print or electronic format (i.e.DVD, CD, USB Flash Disk, etc.)
  • Copies of original documents will not be returned after the nomination process is over. 
  • Supporting material should have :-
  1. Pertinence : Each piece of support should be clearly relevant to the point it is used to support.
  2. Variety : The material should not rely excessively on one type of support (such as examples) but should instead use a number of different forms of support.
  3. Amount : The presentation should include a sufficient amount of support (enough to make the ideas presented both clear and compelling to the judges’ panel).
  4. Detail : Each piece of support needs to be developed to the point that judges can both understand the item of support AND can see how the item backs up the point it is used to support.
  5. Appropriateness : Each piece of supporting material should meet the criteria that the award and the judging panel place on the kind of material that is likely to be received favorably.
  • All supporting materials should be couriered to:
Middle East Excellence Awards Institute
Datamatix Group Office
14/F Al Attar Business Tower
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: +971 4 332 6688

Last date for filling the nomination form is 21st September 2015
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