Nomination Procedure

Submission of nomination

Nominations submitted by any individual or organization, public relations firms, consultancies, and advertising agencies will be accepted

Procedure for Nomination

  • The organization committee will welcome nominations from various government and private institutions
  • The organizing committee will send a formal letter to the nominee enclosing all the details and criteria of the award category
  • The candidate may submit his application in Arabic or English language
  • The nomination forms for the awards should be filled in online
  • The nomination must match with the subject of the award, and meet all criteria, goals and objectives, and instructions
  • The candidate/institution must be from the Middle East region
  • The winners for each award will be decided as per and in accordance with the requirements and criteria of that particular award
  • The committee has the authority and liberty to add new categories and criteria to the awards
  • Candidates can compete for more than one category of award
  • The project submitted by the nominee has to be self-contained with modern applications that is in accordance with the international standards
  • An individual who has participated or won an award for a project in the past event can be nominated again if they have made developments to the previous project
  • The judging panel can eliminate any nomination that does not meet the requirements and criteria for the award, or that contains incorrect or inappropriate data or information
  • The committee may add or eliminate a nomination for an award after consultation with specialists and experts
  • If a certain nomination does not match a given category, then the judging panel has the authority and liberty to switch the file to another class or category
  • The judging panel can eliminate an award if the nominations do not match with the criteria and conditions
  • All the applications and documents related to the award and nomination procedure will be handled confidentially


How are the winners chosen?

  • The winners are decided and chosen by the jury
  • The winners will be notified through a formal correspondence
  • The winners will be announced at a special ceremony in the presence of various government and other senior dignitaries
  • The results will be featured on the official site of the institute and other media


Submission of documents

  • The documents sent for the procedure of the nomination should contain additional information that recommend the nominee and should include documents like; experience certificates, achievement certificate, reports on their organization, financial reports, software projects etc...
  • Documents sent for nomination should be in the form of photographs, CDs, or any other scientific research literature or reference
  • The documents and supporting documents should be attached and organized in an orderly fashion
  • The organizing committee reserves the documents sent for the nomination and award and will not return it
  • The organizing committee ensures that all the documents sent by the candidate that recommend their nomination for the award will be confidentially handled
  • Nomination documents for the award to be sent to the organizing committee headquarter at:


Datamatix Group Office
14th floor, Al Attar Business Tower
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 332 6688

Last Date for sending nomination is two weeks before the awards ceremony