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Celebrating the 27th Anniversary of Recognizing Leading People, Projects and Organizations that are Creating the New Face of Smart Government & Smart Cities whilst honoring sGovernment and government achievements in information technology and innovative solutions to improve government services whilst celebrating sustainable futuristic cities, the Middle East Excellence Institute over the past 27 years has provided elements of success for institutions of the region, to be the most innovative in keeping up with the concepts of innovation and excellence, whilst upgrading the system of government infrastructure for sustainable Smart Cities to keep pace with rapid global developments on information services strategies for Smart-governmental organizations.

The event over the past years has recognized and honored government organizations and most successful best practices that seeks to create new global governance models, leveraging new technologies and modern management strategies whilst focusing on devising strategies specially for the post-oil era and developing AI, blockchain and Internet of things for future infrastructure and sovereignty in our increasingly interconnected world. 

Marking a quarter century of honouring the efforts of the organizations towards improving efficiency and keeping pace with the global latest trends in light of institutional transformation and competitiveness whilst shedding light on future strategies and supporting the development of the pillars of organisational innovation and knowledge in the era of knowledge-based economy, thereby formulating future-oriented strategies and supporting the development in the age of global comprehensive organizational transformation.

The Middle East Smart Government and Smart Cities Excellence Awards aims to encourage the public and private sector to develop a culture of excellence in Smart Service transactions and e-Knowledge and raise it to the highest global standards in all the e-government sectors to build effective communication and exchange experiences among various regions.

The Middle East Smart Government and Smart Cities Excellence Awards recognizes the path-breaking government leaders who have successfully brought in triumphant innovations in the application of smart ICT tools introduced by the organizations for providing premium services to its customers and its gradual shift towards smart Government in an era of e-Transformation.

The awards ceremony has provided a unique arena over the past 27 years to celebrate ambitious projects of modernization and will continue in its Silver Jubilee Anniversary by gathering the global audiences and strongly supporting the vision of global governments in adopting sustainable strategies of global excellence. The awards aims to be a destination for excellence and development, in alignment with "Excellence Government" mission to provide the motivating investment environment, and to contribute to sustainable development and prosperity.


The award has a vision to become an international hub for innovators, professionals & corporations to adopt best practices in excellent execution of smart ICT based projects. The Awards act as motivation to induce competitive spirit among organizations in improving the quality of e-Transformation and thus qualify themselves as strong contenders on a global platform and bring forth a revolution in IT and modern Smart Services. The Award program covers a number of ICT disciplines such as the use and effectiveness of smart Government ICT tools to improve the performance as well as excellence in the management of smart ICT based projects to compete with the challenges brought in by globalization and other radical changes.

  • Promote, appreciate, and develop a culture of excellence in all the Smart Government sectors for the effective application of modern technologies
  • Create a positive and competitive environment to enhance the Smart Government projects
  • Highlight the regional expertise and modern ideas in the Smart Government sector
  • To put the region on a pedestal in web site ranking by enforcing advanced e-government tools and strategies
  • To establish a common legislative standard and e-policies among the states of the region
  • Honour the excellent and outstanding performance of various government sectors in information and communication technology
  • Encourage the adoption of Smart Services and the usage of electronic transaction portals
  • Encourage all the government and business organizations to introduce and use e-services
  • Raise the state apparatus efficiency by providing automated information systems to its citizens
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information to people in general including various decision makers, investors, and other dignitaries
  • Provide a single source for all government information for the easy access of the public
  • Facilitate easy and effective electronic payment systems
  • Improve the effectiveness of government performances

The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness. Read more

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