Awards Categories

The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness.

The Middle East Excellence Award Institute will be announcing the Top 28 leading personalities from previous and current Government and Business Executives and C-levels, who have led the development of the Middle East region’s ICT infrastructure, knowledge development, and eTransformation over the past 28 years.

The award will honor those who led the region’s successful technological development and worked hard to empower others towards further excellence within the framework of the leadership vision to achieve the region’s goals of sustainable development based on the global benchmark and competitiveness.

Therefore, the efforts of these leading executives who devoted tirelessly to the continuous development of the regional and the global competitiveness required to provide elements of success for the region in keeping pace with modern innovations deserves to be recognized.

Criteria for selecting winners, the candidate:
  • The candidate who has stablished distinguished digital corporate identity globally.
  • Contributed to the achievement of corporate digital strategic objectives.
  • Significantly contributed to development of the ICT infrastructure in Middle East region.
  • Supported the development of the global competitiveness of the ICT sector in Middle East region.
  • Worked tirelessly towards advancement of organizational structure based on global competitiveness.
  • Built strategies for business to meet technological global competitiveness.
  • Enhanced the creation and development of the second generation of leaders in the ICT sector.
  • Increased the efficiency and productivity of the human resources of institution through technology.
  • Benchmarked themselves in the industry for the future leaders to follow.
  • Enhanced the creativity, innovation, and knowledge management for digital governance systems.
  • Contributed to the employment in ICT sector.
  • Developed the workplace a strong platform for exchanging ideas and views.
  • Implemented plans and policies in ICT sector based on international standards.
  • Developed institutional knowledge management.
  • Transformed the infrastructure to benefit all the stakeholders, customers, employees, and businesses.
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