Awards Categories

The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness.

The Middle East Excellence Award Institute will honor the 28 leading ICT solution providers and companies in the middle east region, who contributed to the development of ICT infrastructure and transformation over the past 28 years, in the region, and retained the concept of excellence and devoted diligently, towards the development of versatile, reliable, and secure ICT infrastructures in middle east region. The award will honor the contribution and impact of the leading ICT solution providers, who supported the regions ICT advancement and pioneered new standards for the IT industry with innovative products and services in the past 28 years, and whistle developed a culture of successful use and implementation of the ICT solutions to enhance the performance, productivity, and quality of services in Middle East.

Criteria for selecting technology companies, the candidate:
  • Established a strong technological corporate identity.
  • Contributed to the development of the global competitiveness of the region.
  • Working towards achieving the goals and technological development programs of the region.
  • Developed unmatchable ICT infrastructure in the middle east for client or itself.
  • Recognized second generation of leaders in the ICT sector.
  • Increased the efficiency of the institution because of successful technological strategies
  • Implemented development plan based on global governance systems.
  • Developed creativity, institutional innovation, and building knowledge management.
  • Contributed employing the technological development of the region.
  • Provided best practices for the use of electronic development.
  • Weather business and government organizations empowering its clients with technology solutions.
  • Helping the companies in industry to realize their goals.
  • Is a global provider of hardware, software, cloud, and service solutions provider to clients.
  • Demonstrated the guidance and expertise needed to implement and manage complex technology solutions
  • Pays higher attention towards Data & Cloud, Cybersecurity, Data Sovereignty.
  • Contributed to develop innovative remote working, data, and Deep Tech.
  • Enhanced technologies like Big Data Analytics, RPA, AI, ML in the Middle east industry.
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