Awards Categories

The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness.

 The 'Smart Waste Management Excellence Award' is to recognize the achievements of a government or business organization from the Middle East region for the recycling project to deliver improved recycling and waste management services and can include projects such as reuse, recycling, composting, minimization, and associated activities.

  • Enabled cities to overcome the challenges of waste collection, overflow, and recycling issues.
  • Used latest technologies, equipment, or building design to enhance the waste management ways.
  • Implemented methods that carried out and minimize the environmental impact.
  • Has potential to be seen as an example of best practice for the sector or sectors in which it operates.
  • Uses Smart technology that is easy to install, compatible, and capable of monitor garbage waste.
  • Showcased tremendous value to community through public acceptance, appearance, and aesthetics.
  • Demonstrated an extreme system for workers' health & safety.
  • Established a system that eliminates, minimizes, and collects it by safe methods.
  • Provides evidence of recycling achieved and indicats that customers have been well-cared.
  • Enhanced service delivery, reporting, and follow-up of any concerns via smart system integration.
  • Organized high levels of recycling or waste sustainability with smart recycling or waste diversion.
  • implemented smart system complying with local, state, and federal environmental regulations.
  • Contributed to reaching net-zero outcomes across construction, transport, infrastructure, and more.
  • is at forefront of industrial advancement and scientific innovation in waste management industry.
  • Have practicable and innovative solutions relevant to waste management and waste Prevention.
  • Contributed to improve environmental conditions for recycle actions.
  • Promoted the circularity of materials (via recycling, remanufacturing, resale, and repair procedures).
  • Provided endless benefits and superior business value for significant cost reductions on the collection, waste transport, maintenance, and protection of the environment by generating less CO2 and less road attire.
  • Improving air quality within the city (by reducing the organic waste disposal in landfills.
  • Encouraged product sharing solutions and reduced the use of natural resources.
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The "Health Care Smart Services Excellence Award", honors those healthcare organizations that have achieved excellence in innovative use of ICT for pioneering technologies and tools in healthcare services to support superior outcomes across the broad spectrum of services and activities delivered by healthcare professionals. Healthcare contains a broad spectrum of services and activities delivered by a team of health personnel.

  • Demonstrated the breadth commitment to integrate information and communication technologies.
  • Effectively and efficiently introduced electronic health record systems into educational materials.
  • Demonstrated an exceptional contribution to e-health through curriculum development/renewal.
  • Created mechanisms that would encourage the incorporation of e-health in healthcare system.
  • Deploys appropriate technologies to develop the product, with a good mix of functions and features.
  • Provided good, clear, and consistent competence in responses to customers FAQs.
  • Sustained engagement for a lifetime of exceptional leadership that impacted the GCC region.0
  • Showcased tremendous value to the community and society in the e-health sector.
  • Enhanced accessibility, reach of social integration, and impact on the quality of human well-being.
  • Introduced best practices in the healthcare sector by using IT to promote patient safety.
  • Established use of mobile technology in healthcare along with usage of social media in healthcare.
  • Contributes to the countrywide knowledge development by publishing in journals and magazines.
  • Delivered first of its kind a solutions and support for it in defined regional standards
  • Took calculated risks in delivering benefits to the Country's healthcare system for patients and staff.
  • Demonstrated leadership in eHealth deployment, innovation, policy development and advocacy
  • Established training programs at the regional level toward healthcare transformation.
  • Developed transformative high-risk, high-reward advances in computer and information science,
  • Blended engineering, statistics, and cognitive research with the healthcare sector.
  • Fostered advanced technologies in healthcare such as AI applications in primary healthcare.
  • Introduced smart healthcare services with a significant positive impact on resident health.
  • Introduced Intelligent technologies of service systems by improving medical devices, optimizing treatment processes, and empowering disease diagnosis and prediction.
  • Transformed the organizational structure, ecosystem, and model of the healthcare industry.
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The "Telecom Smart Services Excellence Award" aims to recognize an organization from the Middle East region for achieving breakthrough innovation and outstanding performance in the telecom industry, thus improving services and connectivity in the market it serves.

  • Achieved unparalleled growth in its operation by innovating its service portfolio.
  • Improved customer service and developed its network capabilities by integrating smart solutions
  • Pioneered innovation and brought exceptional value to clients in the managed services marketplace.
  • Is a Middle Eastern telecom operator and demonstrated unparalleled growth in the global market.
  • Successfully launched an innovative and revenue-generating enterprise service.
  • Manages cloud, video conferencing, M2M, Smart Solutions, etc., as an enterprise service.
  • Enabled the development of reliable and rapid nationwide connectivity.
  • Demonstrated various initiatives and improved continued customer centricity in their operation.
  • Have goals and vision, to benefit the national growth and the emerging market
  • Concentrates on the need of the project and addresses its final beneficiaries.
  • Performed extraordinary service for the benefit of the telecommunication industry.
  • Implemented Innovative and creative project to develop telecom Smart Services.
  • Built innovative connectivity solutions to increase internet access connecting people or institutions.
  • Developed smart cities' smart living by digital techs to improve urban life.
  • Improved healthcare via remote diagnosis, care in the home, monitoring, treating and prevention.
  • Developed digital services by implementing ICT products or services improving financial services.
  • Enhanced E-learning by Innovative tools to expand educational programs and capacity building, including training and relevant content in local languages.
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This ‘Artificial Intelligence Project Excellence Award’ will be presented to a government or business organization from the Middle East region that has created or used AI to achieve a tremendous result along with reducing costs, improving performances, and eliminating errors.

  • Demonstrated the innovative success in the past years in AI.
  • Used AI technology through creative and innovative means to overcome obstacles.
  • Has impactfully shaped the AI discourse and supported the AI community.
  • Contributed to the technological development of the country or region or the industry.
  • Implemented AI technology demonstrating the leadership based on growth and innovation.
  • Developed one of the most powerful applications of AI to transform the specified sector.
  • Demonstrated the most comprehensive and effective AI solutions across any industry.
  • Established a promising future through best practices of AI.
  • Enabled greater productivity, accuracy, and adoption of Natural Language Processing by AI.
  • Used AI technology for more personal communication and automation of roles and tasks.
  • Focuses on solving problems and creating value by AI technology across industries for customers.
  • Development the use of trustworthy AI systems in the public and private sectors.
  • Participated in ongoing artificial intelligence research and development.
  • Successfully connected the civil agencies, Defense departments, and the Intelligence Community.
  • Has driven change and innovation by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Has innovative, leadership and inspiring potential to impact globally.
  • Demonstrated the ability of the AI solution to provide a social good for the community.
  • Transformed the AI industry making its magnitudes more equitable, ethical, and groundbreaking.
  • Must have excellence in one of the four major types of AI, including Reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind, and self-awareness.
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The "Smart Banking Services Excellence Award" is presented to an organization, from the Middle East region, with an online banking system that is a true asset to the business that deploys it. This award is given to an organization that has demonstrated improved productivity, security, ease of use, and acceptability among users.

  • Developed and implemented innovative smart banking services and solutions.
  • Supports the public sector and assist the private sector's to moves into e-Business and e-commerce.
  • Fosters new technologies for organizations and customers, improving customer service satisfaction.
  • Promotes online banking to reduce service costs (e.g., free email alerts, bill payments, etc.
  • Endorsed safe banking practices and encouraged EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Demonstrated an e-Banking vision and strategy that makes it globally competitive
  • Implemented system that provide easy reimbursement in case of transaction failure.
  • All fees and service charges have an easy-to-view strategy with and no additional hidden charges.
  • Offered various web interfaces for various languages and search tools for customer transactions.
  • Enabled automated email confirmation to merchants and customers.
  • Developed strategies for attracting and servicing online customers growth.
  • Developed tremendous online breadth of product offerings, website design and functionality.
  • Has a proven track record of implementing the world-class banking products and services.
  • Monitored e-banking environment, discouraging many illegal and illegitimate practices.
  • Significantly discourages money laundering, fraud, and embezzlement with best practices.
  • Recognized as regional player in electronic financial transactions.
  • Developed mobile application designed to meet the unique needs of both consumers and business.
  • Has online platforms that deliver and enables fast, secure, and convenient payments.
  • Has the best Investment strategy with Corporate Finance and Funding.
  • Developed risk management, cash & liquidity management (Inc. payments & collections) platform.
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The ‘Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity Excellence Award’ will be presented to a government or business organization, from the Middle East region, for the best use of IoT Connectivity to deliver or enhance government or business services and recognizes the work, leadership, and transformation that stand out in the IoT Connectivity.

  • Provided the most innovative IoT-related application and technology platform applications.
  • Introduced apps that are most valuable or beneficial to both the user & provider.
  • Demonstrated next-level innovative development in technology with IoT application enablement.
  • Provided solution to unresolved issue subsequently addressed with positive impact on clients.
  • Identified a need and resolved it with IOT solutions
  • Showcased the greatest innovation in connected technology and enriched the lives of customers
  • Significantly improved the productivity and profitability of the organization with IoT connectivity.
  • Improved competitive advantages of organization with the installation of a product or solution.
  • Used IOT to create an impressive, pioneering project that changed the way your business operates.
  • Helped users to gain greater benefits from all their data with the easy-to-access elements.
  • outpaced competitors by unstructured data, data pattern detection, and advanced deep searching.
  • Made transformational impact of IoT on our economy and society.
  • Implemented the most creative and effective solutions using IoT and telematics technologies.
  • Influenced the industry's best practices, standards, and frameworks via technology advancement.
  • Has the best businesses and products currently illuminating the Internet of Things landscape.
  • Innovated IoT / RFID product or solution that is easy to deploy, cost-effective and addressed market needs that provides additional value to its customers.
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The "Smart Municipality Services Excellence Award" recognizes a municipality from the Middle East region that has demonstrated successful implementation of a fully functioning e-Municipality through a wide range of electronic services to businesses and citizens, optimization of business processes, and increase of the efficiency and service provision to the public. It celebrates innovations and excellence and showcases best practices and projects which have significantly contributed to the e-municipality in the region.

  • Developed new management style to raise the level of performance and administrative efficiency
  • Improves the business facilities for all services provided by governmental institutions for citizens.
  • Utilizes leading e-technology as the key enabler for improving the delivery of government services.
  • Expediting the work progress electronically with high quality facilitating in municipality.
  • Developed a strategic tool for the municipality to fulfill the present and future demands.
  • Provided easy access to the required information for municipality anytime and anywhere.
  • Made communication channels for government to be more accessible, effective, and efficient.
  • Built robust and resilient strategy for economic growth creating large-scale employment
  • Increasing opportunities for most of its citizens technology sector with smart municipality
  • Built solid sewerage, waste management, electricity supply, transport etc. by Solar Cities Mission.
  • Developed ICT-enabled government services eliminating delays in interacting with government.
  • Maintains air quality that always meets international safety standards.
  • Ensures that water and noise pollution are within permissible limits
  • Fostered green energy sources that at least 10% of electricity generated is renewable.
  • Adopted best energy efficiency practices in buildings, streetlights, and transit systems.
  • Designed equally safe roads for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles
  • Maintained sanitation with no open defecation with full supply of toilets based on the population.
  • Robust internet network allowing high-speed connections to all offices and dwellings as desired.
  • Focused on cost savings by introducing an electronic exchange of information with related institutions and streamlining business processes.
  • Established water management programs with smart meters, rainwater harvesting, and green infrastructure to manage storm water runoff.
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The “Smart Government Services Excellence Award" recognizes an organization from the Middle East region that offers high standard and complete end-to-end electronic service continuously focusing on improving performance, developing innovative projects to improve online government service delivery, with a specific focus on citizens or businesses as clients of government

  • Demonstrated government service compatible with other systems and functional environments
  • Offers strategic importance to the national and global development of the Information Society.
  • Demonstrated the use of ICT to improve internal efficiency and government effectiveness.
  • Established a system/infrastructure that reduces the costs and time.
  • Developed applications and strategies for public services to improve accessibility to citizens
  • Fostered local talent and synergies between the private and public sectors.
  • Established transformational projects prioritizing process redesign and process improvements
  • Focused on public services spending as the most cost-effective sustainable savings opportunities
  • Contributed to develop strategic workforce and projects initiatives
  • Impacted on culture retention, talent growth and development
  • Focused on health, safety, well-being, and work perks at workplace.
  • Developed a digital service, data management, analytics, and visualization.
  • Provides transformative power of data for decision-making and insight examples.
  • Improved interactions of governorates permitting payment and notifications by digital projects
  • Developed public confidence, trust, and cross-boundary collaboration for public Services
  • Implemented a public policy, program, or activity significant for the common good of people.
  • Encourages the exchange of service experience with other governments promoting partnerships.
  • Demonstrates secure eService, i.e., electronic monetary transaction and eService back-end support with real-time customer support.
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The "Smart Ministry Services Excellence Award" is presented to a Ministry from the Middle East region that has demonstrated outstanding achievements in enhancing the country's competitiveness to stimulate and sustain economic growth through the systematic application and innovative use of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

  • Demonstrated the use of information technologies that revitalize business processes.
  • Improves decision making and gain a competitive advantage by adopting e-government.
  • Provided efficient administrative support and technical training to the departments of the Ministry.
  • Transformed the existing government system that provides fully integrated services.
  • Aligned its organizational set-up with the new capacities it has acquired as a 'digital state.'
  • Supported broad public sector introducing innovative and sustainable ICT applications.
  • Reformed good governance with ministries and their interaction with citizens and the private sector.
  • Used information and communication technology to minimize transactional costs.
  • Streamlined their bureaucratic procedures, making their operations more efficient.
  • Used resources that enable them to deliver services in a better-organized and economical manner.
  • Developed appropriate strategies and training programs for implementing e-government programs.
  • Facilitated documentation using e-services.
  • Provided world-class multi-channel services by a coherent digitally efficient government to clients
  • Enhanced the advantages of advanced digital infrastructure and highly qualified human resources.
  • Demonstrated efficient government internal portals that increase the productivity of civil servants.
  • Developed citizen portals that empowers citizens with superior e-services and customer services.
  • Provided end-to-end solutions that automate internal processes, create more intelligent internal communications, streamline business, optimize operations.
  • Complies with regulations to achieve citizen satisfaction through increased governmental efficiency.
  • Created digital services to address the needs of citizens such as food security, emotional support, transportation, or technology.
  • Advance the mission of Public Service with outstanding work and models of excellence.
  • Developing transformation Strategy in Growth and Development digital business Transformation.
  • Digitalized smart processes, strong governance, and Institutional arrangements.
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With the growing presence of the online retail market in the GCC, a significant rise has been seen in the e-Retail market users and brands. The 'Smart Retail Services Excellence Award' recognizes an outstanding e-Retail brand in the Middle East that has optimized its online marketplace efficiently and pushed boundaries to exceed customer experience and expectations.

  • Uses latest technology, add-on business applications to help customer loyalty and happiness.
  • Exploited the social media channels such as Facebook as an effective marketing tool.
  • Built an online marketplace of top creativity to push the boundaries exceeding customer experience.
  • Optimized the online store and increased conversion rates by keeping up to date with technology.
  • Discovered meaningful ways to enhance the website's search engine optimization.
  • Established online CMS and designed the site to enhance the customer shopping experience.
  • The shopping website must have a limited-step process for purchasing and payment.
  • Provided excellent customer service and created a savvy online community to be a part of.
  • Successfully helped e-commerce brands streamline their business and achieved the set goals.
  • Developing new technology that has most significantly enhanced the customer experience.
  • Deployed new strategies using customer feedback and data most effectively.
  • Transformed to adhere to standards brought about by changing consumer habits.
  • Developed the most effective change in how customers shop and discover their brand(s).
  • Built a strategy for consistent high audience engagement and a strong sense of brand community.
  • All e-commerce channels used are secure and have won the trust of public.
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The "Smart Education Systems Excellence Award" will honor an educational institution or ministry in the Middle East that has incorporated modern education tools into their knowledge management department and propagated the knowledge development of the organizations in ways more than one. The awards would mainly focus on the functionality of the tools used in connecting the learner with the peer group.

  • Made availability of quality education by implementing borderless classrooms and e-learning tools.
  • Ensures a solid infrastructure to support the modernization of state-of-the-art learning platforms.
  • Committed to make sure the teaching material was well structured and found to be engaging
  • Have education tools, and simulations are judged to be realistic analogs of the 'real world.'
  • Facilitated interaction with faculty and peers to encourage and participants are warmly received.
  • Confirmed that participants worked at their own pace and material reviewed and discussed later
  • Developed to provide a lab experience during online learning and enhanced student experience.
  • Focused that online was as beneficial to students as of in-person labs would be.
  • Developed digital learning resources to solve problems by improving tools and methods.
  • Established Improved teaching materials and practices in the e-learning industry.
  • Led innovation in teaching and learning in their institution.
  • Helped students learn to design and plan experiments and develop data analysis skills
  • Provided students with resources to help students develop key skills ready for joining the workplace.
  • Developed smart worksheet resources for the whole department across undergraduate and masters
  • Established flexible and tailored approach to meet diverse individual requirements.
  • Developed pedagogical strategies to manage sensitive, adaptable timely responsive.
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The "Corporate Social Media Excellence Award" honors those organizations that have achieved excellence in innovative usage of Social Media strategies, usage of smart internet technologies and tools for the implementation of smart governance strategies to support superior outcomes across the broad spectrum of services and activities delivered to the public and private sectors. This award is presented to an organization that has demonstrated optimum use of Social Media procedures for taking smart governance to the next level.

  • Embraced outstanding achievements in implementing Smart Social Media strategies.
  • Transacted tangible aids to develop business procedures and smart governance systems.
  • Took smart governance and smart service to the next gradations via social media platforms.
  • Developed proactive tactics of smart governance integration via Social Media platforms.
  • Promoted smart administrative system’s best business strategies on social media.
  • Facilitated major contributions to the transformation of management support services.
  • Established strong public e-government strategy through social media.
  • Integrated smart solution for the smart services of business and management tool.
  • Forged campaigns for making social media safe and secure.
  • Demonstrated creativity and innovation in achieving outstanding social media campaigns.
  • Has creative, design, digital, marketing, advertising, media, and public relations organizations.
  • Consistently delivers excellence in social content, programs, and results.
  • Channelized the chatter to create innovative, meaningful engagement for tangible results.
  • Possesses unparalleled expertise in social media management and insights social analytics.
  • Strategically grows their brands, businesses, and customer relationships with social media.
  • Providing social customer care and employee advocacy to empower organization.
  • Delivered unique and original digital media projects.
  • Initiated best creative execution or creative direction of advertising content by a media agency.
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The "e-Commerce Excellence Award" recognizes an organization from the Middle East region that offers multiple online services for customers that are vibrant, easy to use, and informative, the winning portal will be an example for other organizations to follow when setting up their portals.

  • In past 12 months has offered multiple online services as a "one-stop shop" for customers.
  • Successfully achieved the “all-time online” status in services, communication surveys etc.
  • Developed a portal to reduce the physical presence of the staff with secure identity policies.
  • Has auction modules, language-specific alerts, and responses, as per customer’s requirement.
  • Established a sound portal that is tested and works in different scenarios.
  • Exhibits the innovative use of portal technology, content, search, online transactions.
  • Earned a trust for its portal that offers secure payment options to its customers.
  • Established a proven track record of encouraging online payment and total online services.
  • Facilitated business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer interaction.
  • Allows customers to have their purchase history along with existing customer loyalty programs.
  • Has a portal that has enabled a link of internal and external data processing systems.
  • Working efficiently with suppliers and partners while satisfying their customers’ expectations.
  • Has a telecommunications infrastructure with ease of use with accuracy of the given information.
  • Established a good legal framework against fraudulent and unauthorized transactions.
  • Has a proven track with new and emerging technologies and best commercial practices.
  • Built an outstanding traffic and transaction metrics for site performance.
  • Formed a reliable E-commerce platform for billing, keeping records, and service timings.
  • Offers shipping mechanisms and fees, product delivery, return refund, and exchange policies.
  • Developed a portal to analyze market trends, creative marketing, and advertising techniques.
  • Maintains online advertising, and banner exchange facilities for other businesses and customers.
  • Established the use multiple media such as, mobile apps on iOS and android etc.
  • Exhibit exemplary use of graphics and interactive design for corporate identity, and branding.
  • Facilitated connecting suppliers, distributors, and other partners to increase efficiencies.
  • Developed a portal that is easy to access, provide 24/7 support, and efficiently resolve complaints.
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The "Smart Content Excellence Award" aims to recognize an organization from the Middle East region for achieving breakthrough innovation and outstanding performance in Smart Content, thus improving services in the market it serves.

  • Upgraded the standard of Smart Content to match the Smart Services for which it operates.
  • Created Smart Content to be user-friendly.
  • Exhibits the fast and accurate understanding of the Smart Content.
  • Have Smart Content been approved and accepted by the authorities involved.
  • Established the Smart Content for its users' better understanding and operation.
  • made high quality, innovative or unexpected content commissioned by a brand.
  • The smart content can include text, infographics, film, video games, music, and online competitions
  • Content Immensely stimulates the interest of targeted audience and drive customer engagement.
  • Pushed the boundaries and utilizes a new, unique, or especially creative manner in content creation.
  • Implemented outside-the-box ideas in the content to engage the reader or viewer
  • Developed the content value, and simultaneously delivered positive content outcomes.
  • Utilizes content as the key elements for a clear vision to enhance the writer's overall strategy
  • Introduced events, or a specific event targeted to the mass public to reach a specified outcome.
  • The content can be carried out offline, online or hybrid, creating a positive experience in mass public
  • Created effective and innovative platform prompting consumer behavior to increase consumption.
  • The content can be delivered via mobile channels, including apps and websites.
  • Content recognizes program to optimize channels to build strong relationships with the audience.
  • Engage new and existing audience while driving core business objectives with smart content.
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The Smart Business Services Excellence Award recognizes the businesses operating within this space as they are our eyes into the future. They are highly creative and strategic, as they have achieved excellence in digital transformation in their businesses. Responding to constant shifts in their fields of expertise, those who have researched, discovered, and adopted new and innovative technologies to improve efficiency, provide value, and ultimately evolve their business by making sure that the thriving service industry is dedicated to deliver essential services and experiences to support and promote the well-being of a community.

  • Developed innovative high-tech advancements in areas that support the progress of their industry.
  • Reached beyond marginal improvements in existing products and services and proved real change.
  • Satisfy client expectations regarding product adaptation and reliable service excellence after sales.
  • Contributed to demonstrating excellence in entrepreneurship and business leadership.
  • Committed to program participation to support the growth of new initiatives for members.
  • Applied innovative approaches to emerging trends directly impacting the business industry.
  • Has businesses with high growth potential and the capacity to achieve and manage expansion.
  • Has innovative and unique strong business practices to enhance the business's continued growth.
  • Developed long-standing business that have seen generations of growth for their business legacy.
  • Integrates the technology into business practices, culture, and division of responsibility in industry
  • Meets the demand of smart products and services, passionately exceling customer’s expectations.
  • Remains abreast with evolving industry with seamless customer experience across all channels.
  • Underpinned the city's economic base with improved smart innovative techniques and solutions
  • Benefits everyday life and impacts the business bottom line in the Information technology.
  • Developed digital services-based businesses to exemplify the client’s or their own business.
  • Enhance the practices of other businesses through their IT, logistics, or supply chain solutions.
  • Initiated knowledge, aids, and methodologies to improve the effectiveness of outcomes for clients.
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 This award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated a sustainable commitment to organization development and organization’s effectiveness within their operating practices. Organization receiving this recognition may be significant, small, not-for-profit, and public organizations from around the world that have shown a strong commitment and recognizes the importance organization development to benefit the global economy.

  • Clearly stated the organization’s vision, mission, core values, and strategies.
  • Organization has standard definition of terms, mutual dialogue, and fair reporting publications.
  • Contributed to the overall good of the community through employment and capital investment.
  • Delivered unique or specialized products or services, through significant business achievement.
  • Mapped the best organization's strategy to create value for customers, stakeholders, and employees.
  • Established a communications plan to support the change management effort.
  • Aligned the strategy with day-to-day activities of individual and collective accountability for results.
  • Supporting business unit's strategic goals while maintaining the work and life balance of employees
  • Establishing best practices in resource allocation process, aligned with financial planning.
  • Took performance measures and targets for continuous improvement of the economic growth.
  • Established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that drive improvement to reach established targets.
  • Development cost-effective solutions by maintaining or even restoring previous levels of capacity.
  • Improved safety performance levels for employees at workplace.
  • Established and defined core values that provide ethical guidelines for business.
  • Developed leaders with visible, consistent commitment to the global economy fortune and growth
  • Trained the employees and empowered them to improve business management
  • Organization measurably took initiatives or improved performance benchmarking the industry.
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The charitable organization’s digital services award honors an outstanding organization that supported the community and contributed substantially to world peace and global well-being. The organization worked tirelessly to empower the downgraded communities socially, economically, and politically to convert themselves into self-sufficient communities of their own development. The organization played a major role making place for civil society by the innovative use of digital services in paving the path to developed individuals and community.

  • Should be of outstanding character and reputation.
  • Should have substantial accomplishments and exhibited exceptional efforts in charitable projects.
  • Initiated digital services use with innovation excellence in providing service to humanity.
  • Improved the civil society institutions capacity and motivating other NGOs for digital services.
  • Highlighted the best practices of digital use in the areas of development of community.
  • Initiated online campaigns, contributing to the private sector fundraisers’ better insights
  • Introduced innovative digital services aimed at human development and community development.
  • Promoted experiences exchange and motivating innovation for social problems solving
  • Determined the capacity in positive project management in digital services for unprivileged areas
  • Is an registered organization with the ministry in accordance with Law
  • Is operational from at least three years.
  • Committed to spend the funding money on projects related to human development only.
  • Established, increased, or enhanced value of the digital services for promoting human well-being
  • Developed quality of Life Community by digital projects that significantly benefited the community.
  • Used digital services in the form of economic growth and well-being of residents
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Governorate of the Year Excellence Award Service recognizes Governorate that goes above and beyond to serve their governments and delivers on a shared purpose to Empower People, improves lives and Inspires Success. These outperforming governates genuinely make a difference for their governments at every level and approach challenges as opportunities, focusing on the needs of their citizens and working closely with other governorates to best serve governments.

  • Honors creative contributions to professional local government leadership.
  • Created awareness in governorate community for professional management and quality of life
  • Has an outstanding chief local government governor.
  • Has fostered representative freedom by enhancing the effectiveness of local officials.
  • Contributed significantly to developing new professional local governorate management talent.
  • Contribute to the formal education of students pursuing careers in the local governorate.
  • Demonstrated competency and commitment to local government from the early career.
  • Contributed to develop local governorate programs or processes.
  • Demonstrates innovation, excellence, and success in the community's safety and health.
  • Built programs or processes that demonstrates excellence and success in multi-participant.
  • Built bridge between governmental entities, private sector businesses, individuals, or NGOs.
  • Has set a local governorate organization's culture or strategic direction.
  • Developed the Sharing of performance measurement with other communities or organizations.
  • Measures progress of strategic goals for the overall governorate departments, and individuals
  • Takes responsibility of management decisions and financial issues.
  • Eminence performance capacity of organizational networking, presentations, and data sharing.
  • Developed and Conducted surveys on citizen’s satisfaction from public.
  • Established outstanding financial management, policy facilitation and budget implementation
  • Contributed to develop the application that makes specific reference to data dictionaries, CRM, social media applications, residents’ academies, Lean Six Sigma, predictive analytics, departmental accreditation, smart community technology, geo-mapping, and other initiatives. Has taken responsibilities in the areas of staff management (supervising staff development and performance, having a direct influential relationship with department heads on program implementation and administration).
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“Smart Airport Services Excellence Award” recognizes the best airport in providing the best traveler experiences across different airport service and product key performance indicators - check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security, and immigration to departure at the gate.

  • Introduced the solutions to crucial operations of passengers' changing needs and expectations.
  • Helped staff and stakeholders to meet passenger’s expectations by implementing smart services.
  • Trained the staff that best serves the traveler's needs and comfort with integration of smart services
  • Developed the best and easiest airport journey with most enjoyable Airport environment.
  • Built the cleanest airport space and atmosphere.
  • Contributed to developing companies to distinguish them in the R&D baggage-handling solutions.
  • Contributed to develop increased passenger flow and queuing solutions
  • Developed a trend that can be seen with digital baggage handling and screening products.
  • Made efforts to develop the various types of IoT and IoT-related technologies.
  • Contributed to develop the implementation of biometric technology.
  • Has step up a camera at the boarding gate, and their picture is used to confirm their identities.
  • Established a system to grant authorization to travel within seconds for international travels.
  • Significantly made strategies paving the path for the growth of years to come.
  • Developed the virtual airport metaverse platform, efficiently using smart Airport’s processes.
  • Introduced the PARALLEL REALITY experience, departing and connecting customers at the Airport.
  • Built an experience that allows users to virtually tour and navigates the Premium check-in area.
  • Developed punctuality and on-time performance as a a key factor in Service quality
  • Built branded Food chains, fancy restaurants and shops at the airport.
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The crisis Management Smart Services Excellence Award recognizes exceptional service and achievement for work being done across Their territory to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters. It also recognizes management and organizations that use the latest technology to help improve crisis Management.

  • Developed an emergency notification platform that features crises alert emergency notification.
  • The best unified communications Software for Crisis Management.
  • Committed to provide outstanding resilience crisis management that adds value to their company.
  • Established multi-channel communications platform, and the crisis response solution.
  • Achieved excellence with greatest successes in security and resilience of crisis management.
  • Innovations in continuity management, technology recovery, and crisis and risk management.
  • Contributed to conduct an exceptional improvement of the emergency services system.
  • Measured and analyzed risk of crisis management with fact-based, knowledge-driven system.
  • Established all-inclusive programs to make cities safe, secure, and better prepared for emergency.
  • Developed smart work systems to adapt quickly, flexibly, and effectively to changing requirements
  • Established a system with rapid action rapid response to changing crisis or disasters.
  • Has ability to deal with a wide range of customized services.
  • Involved in decisions to outsource, agreements with key crisis management and novel arrangements
  • Have Cost and time reduction achieved through Lean process crisis management strategies.
  • Committed to defect reduction and improved crisis management may involve Six Sigma projects.
  • Utilizes key measures for tracking all aspects of crisis operations management.
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Smart Tourism Services Excellence Award recognizes outstanding achievements by Tourism companies that have developed Their services in the tourism industry in four categories: sustainability, accessibility, digitalization, cultural heritage, and creativity. And use initiative aims to promote smart tourism, network and strengthen destinations, facilitate the exchange of best practices, and have outstanding achievements across the tourism Service, Experience Excellence, and tourism Excellence categories. And to recognize & reward tourism entities that continually achieve sustained levels of excellence in customer service delivery.

  • Provides outstanding tourists attraction packages attracting the highest visitor numbers.
  • Contributed to major festivals and events through tourism leisure festivals, and exhibitions.
  • Enhanced the profile/awareness and appeal of the destination the company is located in.
  • Created the economic impact, increased visitation, and community involvement.
  • Promots sports, arts, historical, cultural, literary, comedy, culinary and general interest events.
  • Created interests of local and international visitor to attend major event on their event calendar.
  • Ecologically sustained tourism business with a primary focus on experiencing all areas.
  • Fostered environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation, and conservation.
  • Fostered tourism businesses with great appreciation of authentic culture, history, and heritage.
  • Built business that sell/provide goods or hire services that contribute to the tourism industry.
  • Promoted a vision that tourism industry can be economical, experience based, or service based.
  • Consistently delivered high-quality and face-to-face information services to the visitor.
  • Built online platforms, smart associations, and tourism groups for reliable visitor Information
  • Promotes high-quality facility venues designed for business visitors for meetings and conferences
  • Significantly contributes to the combined provision of touring and transport services.
  • Started outdoor adventure tourism experiences that visitors participate for personal challenges
  • Promoted tourism products, services, and destinations via online marketing approach.
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