Awards Categories

The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness.

 The ‘Smart Waste Management Excellence Award’ is to recognize the achievements of a government or business organization from the Middle East region for the recycling project to delivering improved recycling and waste management services and can include projects such as re-use, recycling, composting, minimization and associated activities.

  • The Smart waste management system should enable cities and businesses to overcome the frequent challenges with waste collection, overflow and recycling issues.
  • The nominee should have used latest technologies, equipment or building design to enhance the way waste management work is carried out and to minimize the impact on the environment.
  • The nominee should have potential to be seen as an example of best practice for the sector or sectors in which it operates.
  • The nominee should have using the Smart technology which is easy to install, compatible and are capable of monitoring any substance or garbage type
  • The nominee should have showcased a tremendous value to community and society through public acceptance, appearance and aesthetics
  • The nominee should have demonstrated extreme system for workers health & safety and elimination, minimization and collection by safe methods.
  • The nominee should provide evidence of the levels of recycling achieved and indications that customers have been well-cared for in terms of service delivery, reporting and follow-up of any concerns
  • The nominee should show how they have organized high levels of recycling or waste sustainability and providing a smart recycling or waste diversion or minimization solution in the service they are themselves carrying out.
  • The system should have provided endless benefits and superior business value that will bring significant cost reductions on collection, waste transport, maintenance and protect the environment in the process by generating less CO2 and less road attire.
  • The smart system should be compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations environmental benefits.
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 The "Health Care Smart Services Excellence Award", honors those health care organizations who have achieved excellence in innovative usage of ICT, use of pioneering technologies and tools in healthcare services to support superior outcomes across the broad spectrum of services and activities delivered by healthcare professionals. Healthcare contains a broad spectrum of services and activities delivered by a team of health personnel.

  • The nominee should have demonstrated the breadth of the nominee’s leadership and commitment to effectively and efficiently integrate information and communication technologies, such as electronic health record systems, into educational materials.
  • The nominee should have demonstrated an exceptional contribution in e-health through: curriculum development/renewal; creation of innovative educational programs; faculty development; development of enabling policies; and/or other mechanisms that would encourage the incorporation of e-health in medical education.
  • The nominee should have demonstrated a good level of creativity in deploying appropriate technologies to develop the product, with a good mix of functions and features and focus on customer-centricity.
  • The nominee should have demonstrated thoughtful consideration of the question and provide good, clear and consistent competence in responses.
  • The nominee must have made an exceptional contribution, for a sustained engagement, or for a lifetime of exceptional leadership, which has had an impact across GCC region.
  • The nominee must have showcased a tremendous value to community and society at large in e-health sector through accessibility and reach, social integration and impact on quality of human well being.
  • The nominee should have demonstrated best practices in health care sector by using IT in promoting patient safety, use of mobile technology in healthcare, healthcare inter operability and usage of social media in healthcare.
  • The nominee routinely contributes to the countrywide knowledge development of standards by publishing and/or advertising in journals and magazines, etc.
  • The nominee should have delivered solutions which are first-of-kind, and support for defined regional standards, or otherwise demonstrated a capability to take commercial risks while delivering benefit to the Country’s healthcare system, patients, and/or staff.
  • The nominee should have demonstrated leadership in eHealth deployment, innovation, policy development, advocacy or training at regional level towards the transformation of healthcare.
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 The "Telecom Smart Services Excellence Award" aims to recognize an organization from the Middle East region for achieving breakthrough innovation and outstanding performance in the telecom industry thus improving services and connectivity in the market it serves.

  • The nominee should have been most effective in creating a compelling brand for its products or services in one or more branches of the media through a single campaign or series of campaigns. 
  • The nominee should have achieved unparallel growth in its operation by innovating its service portfolio, improving customer service and developing its network capabilities 
  • The nominee should have pioneered innovation and brought outstanding value to clients in the managed services marketplace.
  • The nominee should be a Middle Eastern telecom operator and should have demonstrated unparalleled growth  in the global market. 
  • The nominee should have sucessfully launched an innovative and revenue-generating enterprise service. An enterprise service can be a managed service, cloud, video conferencing, M2M, Smart Solutions etc. 
  • The nominee should have pioneered innovation and enabled the development of reliable and rapid nation-wide connectivity.
  • The nominees should have through its various initiative, demonstrated improved and continued customer centricity in its operation 
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This ‘Artificial Intelligence Project Excellence Award’ will be presented to a government or business organization, from the Middle East region, which has created or used AI to achieve a  tremendous result and then by reduce costs, improve performance and eliminate errors. Entries must demonstrate a clear understanding of what type of AI was created or used and how it was implemented.

  • The nominee should had shown the most innovative success in the past year in AI such as, solving a technology problem, disruption of a service or market segment, application of product or service and traction in, or ability to obtain traction in the international marketplace in AI.
  • The nominee should has used AI technology through creative and innovative means to overcome obstacles or to support perceived opportunities
  • It should have the most impact in shaping the AI discourse and supporting the AI community.
  • The Application should have contributed to the technological development of the country or region or the industry
  • The nominee should have created or implemented AI technology in any specific sector or area which shown the most thought leadership based on growth, innovation or the most powerful applications of AI to transform the specified sector.
  • The nominee should have demonstrated the most comprehensive and effective AI solutions across any industry and how the AI will make them better in the future.
  • AI technology should enable greater productivity, accuracy, and adoption of Natural Language Processing for more personal communication and automation of roles and tasks.
  • The nominee should have demonstrated customer offerings focused on solving problems and creating value through the application of AI technology across the industry
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 The "Smart Banking Services Excellence Award " is presented to the organization, from the Middle East region, with an online banking system that is a true asset to the business that deploys it. This award is given to an organization who has demonstrated improved productivity, security, ease of use, and acceptability among users.

  • The nominee should have developed and implemented innovative eBanking technology and solutions that support the delivery of Smart Services of the public sector and assist the private sector’s moves into eBusiness and eCommerce.
  • The nominee has implemented and eased use of new technologies for organizations and customers, thereby improving customer service and satisfaction.
  • The nominee has promoted use of online banking to reduce service costs (e.g. free email alerts, free bill payments, etc.)
  • The nominee has promoted safe eBanking practices and encourage EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • The nominee has demonstrated an eBanking vision and strategy that makes it globally competitive
  • The system should provide easy reimbursement in case of transaction failure; have an easy to view fee – and no hidden charges.
  • It should offer a variance of web interfaces for various languages and allows search tools for customers, transaction and enable automated email confirmation to merchant and customer.
  • The nominee has developed strategies for attracting and servicing online customers, growth in the number of online customers, breadth of product offerings and website design and functionality
  • The nominee has a proven track record of implementing the latest eBanking services, offering world-class eBanking products, services, and communicating business and management practices
  • The nominee has initiated and implemented policies and plans to successfully prepare its employees for delivering eBanking services
  • The nominee has been successful in promoting eBanking as the preferred option among customers
  • The nominee has encouraged electronically controlled and thoroughly monitored e-banking environment, thereby discouraging many illegal and illegitimate practices associated with banking industry like money laundering, frauds and embezzlements.
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 The ‘Internet Of Things (Iot) Connectivity Excellence Award’ will be presented to a government or business organization, from the Middle East region,  for the best use of IOT Connectivity to deliver or enhance government or business services and recognizes the work, leadership and transformation that stand out in the IOT Connectivity.

  • The nominee should have provided the most innovative IoT related application enablement/ connectivity/ technology platform applications, or the apps that are most valuable or beneficial to both user & provider.
  • The IoT application enablement, connectivity  that clearly demonstrates next-level innovation and a breakthrough development in technology
  • It should implies the identification of a need or unresolved issue subsequently addressed by the solution, and recognizes the positive impact on clients that have implemented this solution
  • The nominee should showcase the greatest innovation in the connected technology and explain how the technology has enriched the lives of customers
  • The nominee should have demonstrated the IoT connectivity in installation of a product or solution that has significantly improved the productivity, competitiveness, or profitability of the organization
  • The nominee should enlighten, how has your organization embraced the IoT and used it to create an impressive, pioneering project that’s changed the way your business works, and enriched the lives of your end-users
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 The "Smart Municipality Services Excellence Award"recognizes a municipality from the Middle East region that has demonstrated successful implementation of fully functioning e-Municipality through a wide range of electronic services to businesses and citizens, optimization of business processes and increase of the efficiency and service provision to the public. It celebrates innovations and excellence and showcases best practices and projects which have had significant contribution to the e-municipality in the region.

  • The nominee demonstrates new developed style of management through which raise the level of performance and administrative efficiency and improving the business climate to facilitate all the services and businesses provided by governmental institutions for citizens.
  • The nominee utilizes leading e-technology as the key enabler for improving the delivery of government services electronically with high quality, and facilitates and expedites the work progress.
  • The nominee provides real electronic environment for employees and citizens to be a strategic tool for the municipality in fulfilling the present and future demands.
  • The nominee provides easy access to the required information anytime and anywhere.
  • The nominee demonstrates cost savings through introduction of electronic exchange of information with related institutions and streamlining of business processes.
  • The nominee should have demonstrated innovative use of information and communication technology that transform government making it more accessible, more effective, more efficient and accountable at the regional level.
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The"Smart Government Services Excellence Award" recognizes an organization, from the Middle East region, that offers high standard and complete end to end electronic service continuously focusing on improving performance, developing innovative projects to improve online government service delivery, with a specific focus on citizens or businesses as clients of government

  •  The nominee should have demonstrated sharing of government service with other systems/compatibility with various functional environments
  • The nominee offers strategic importance to the national/ regional/ global development of the Information Society.
  • The nominee should have demonstrated the use of ICT to improve internal efficiency, government effectiveness in terms of reducing costs and time.
  • The nominee should have developed application and strategies that are not only innovative, but also demonstrate effective delivery of public services and improved accessibility to citizens
  • The nominee fosters local talent and creating synergies between the private and public sector.
  • The nominee demonstrates secure eService, i.e. electronic monetary transaction and eService back-end support, real time customer support
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The "Smart Ministry Services Excellence Award " is presented to a Ministry from the Middle East region that has demonstrated outstanding achievements in enhancing the country’s competitiveness in the world in order to stimulate and sustain economic growth through the systematic application and innovative use of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

  • The nominee demonstrates use of information technologies that revitalize business processes, improve decision making and gain a competitive advantage from the adoption of e-government.
  • The nominee provides efficient and effective administrative support and technical trainings to the different departments of the Ministry
  • The nominee should have demonstrated transformation of the existing government system that provides fully integrated services requiring broad organizational change, aligning its organizational set-up with the new capacities it has acquired as 'digital state'.
  • The nominee supports broad public sector reforms and good governance through the introduction of innovative and sustainable applications of ICT both within Ministries, as well as in their interaction with citizens and the private sector.
  • The nominee should have used information and communication technology to minimize transaction costs and streamline their bureaucratic procedures, making their operations more efficient, freeing up resources that enable them to deliver services in a better-organized and economical manner.
  • The nominee should have developed appropriate strategies and training programs for implementing e-government programs.
  • The nominee should have facilitated documentation using e-services.
  • The nominee provides world-class multi-channel services based on the wishes of customers through a coherent, efficient government taking advantage of an advanced digital infrastructure and highly qualified human resources within a smart framework of governance.
  • The nominee demonstrates efficient government internal portals that increase the productivity of civil servants and citizen portals that empower citizens with world-class e-services and superior customer service.
  • The nominee provides end-to-end solutions that automate internal processes, creates smarter internal communications, streamlines business, optimizes operations, and complies with regulations to achieve citizen satisfaction through increased governmental efficiency, productivity, and service delivery.
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With the growing presence of online retail market in the GCC, a significant rise has been seen in the eRetail market users and brands. The 'Smart Retail Services Excellence Award'  recognizes an outstanding eRetail brand in the Middle East that has optimized their online market place efficiently and pushed boundaries to exceed customer experience and expectations.

  • The nominee should have made use of latest technology like add-on business applications to help customer loyalty, and their tips for keeping customers happy
  • The nominee should have exploited the social media channels such as Facebook as an effective marketing tool
  • The nominee online market place should be utmost creative and should have pushed boundaries in exceeding customer experience
  • The nominee should have optimized the online store and increased conversion rates by keeping up to date with technology
  • The nominee should have discovered meaningful ways to enhance the websites search engine optimization
  • The nominee should have chosen the correct online CMS and designed the site to enhance the customer shopping experience
  • The shopping website has to have limited step process for purchasing and payment
  • The nominee should have provided great customer service and created a savvy online community that they’ll want to be a part of
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The "Smart Education Systems Excellence Award" will honor an educational institution or ministry in the Middle East that has incorporated the modern eEducation tools into their knowledge management department and propagated the knowledge development of the organizations in ways more than one. The awards would mainly focus on the functionality of the tools used in connecting the learner with the peer group.

  • The nominee should have made measureable impact to the availability and quality of education through the implementation of border less classrooms and e-learning tools.
  • The nominee should ensure that there is a solid infrastructure that can support the modernization of state-of-the-art learning platforms and technologies.
  • The nominee should have ensured that the teaching material was well structured and found to be engaging
  • The eEducation tools and simulations that are judged to be realistic analogues of the ‘real world’
  • The nominee should have ensured that the interaction with faculty and peers was both encouraged and warmly received by participants
  • The nominee should have ensured that the participants appreciated the ability to work at their own pace and review material and discussions at a later date
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The "Corporate Social Media Excellence Award”, honors those organizations that have achieved excellence in innovative usage of Social Media strategies, usage of smart internet technologies and tools for the implementation of smart governance strategies to support superior outcomes across the broad spectrum of services and activities delivered to the public and private sectors. This award is given to an organization which has demonstrated optimum use of Social Media procedures for taking the smart governance to the next level.

  • The nominee should have embraced outstanding achievements in implementing Smart Social Media strategies 
  • The nominee should have transacted tangible contributions for the development of business procedures and smart governance systems.
  • The nominee should have inherited enough development and innovation techniques on Social Media platforms for taking smart governance and smart service initiative to the next gradations. 
  • The nominee should have developed pro-active tactics of smart governance integrated via Social Media platforms and operational systems environments.
  • The nominee should have procured excellence in the building best business strategies on Social Media for promoting smart administrative systems.
  • The nominee should have facilitated major contributions for the transformation of management support services and public e-government strategy through Social Media
  • The nominee has forged an integrated foundation for developing a smart solution for conversion of business and management services in the organization.
  • The nominee must have forged campaigns for making social media safe and secure. 
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The “e-Commerce Excellence Award" recognizes an organization, from the Middle East region, that offers multiple online services for customers. Vibrant, easy to use, informative, and transactional, the winning portal will serve as an example for other organizations to follow when setting up their portals.

  • The nominee should have offered multiple online services as a "one stop shop" for customers and been operational for at least 12 months, achieving “all time - all online” features such as services/communication/exceptions/surveys/declarations, etc.
  • The portal may belong to a private business offering its services or to an organization offering third-party business services, approaching and inspiring different cultures and providing products / services of enormous variety with effective product display and presenting a portfolio of offerings, describing each item fully.
  • The portal has reduced the need for physical presence of the staff, single sign-on access and secure identity policies.
  • It should have efficient auction modules, language specific alerts and responses and custom packages (group of items) as per customer category.
  • The portal is tested and works in different scenarios, while providing a way to access, browsers etc. and exhibit the innovative use of portal technology, content, search, online transactions and ease of use and navigation while maintaining accuracy of the given information.
  • The portal has offered secure payment options to its customers and should have a proven track record of encouraging online payment and total online services.
  • The portal has facilitated interaction between business to business, businesses to consumer, consumer to consumer interaction, allowing customers to have their purchase history, providing discussion channels for same kind of customer categories along with existing customer loyalty programs.
  • The portal has enabled a link of internal and external data processing systems more efficiently and flexibly, enable to work more closely with suppliers and partners and able to better satisfy the needs and expectations of their customers.
  • The portal has good telecommunications infrastructure and establish good legal framework against fraudulent and unauthorized transactions.
  • It should track new and emerging technologies along with best commercial practices, have traffic metrics, transaction metrics for site performance and be reliable and accurate in billing, keeping records and service timings.
  • Shipping mechanism and fee, product delivery, return refund and exchange policies or additional service charges should be clearly defined for all regions and avoid any hidden charges.
  • The portal has offered surveys to analyze market trends, creative marketing and advertising techniques, online advertising and banner exchange facilities to other businesses and customers.
  • The portal should use multiple media such as wireless, mobile, and/or PDA to serve its customers and exhibit an exemplary use of graphic and interactive design services including: Graphic design, Interface design, Interaction design, Information design, corporate identity and branding.
  • It should facilitate to connect suppliers, distributors and other partners in order to increase efficiencies.
  • The portal should be easy to access, provides 24/7 support and offers efficient resolution of complaints or issues; maintaining timeframe and escalations for every ticket with a comprehensive automated response system and FAQs.
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 The "Smart Content Excellence Award" aims to recognize an organization from the Middle East region for achieving breakthrough innovation and outstanding performance in Smart Content thus improving services in the market it serves
  • The nominee should have upgraded the standard of Smart Content to match the Smart Services for which it operates.
  • The nominees most have created the Smart Content to be user friendly. 
  • The nominees should have exhibited fast and accurate understanding of the Smart Content. 
  • The nominee’s Smart Content should have been approved and accepted by the authorities involved.
  • The Nominee’s Smart Content should have been appraised by the users. 
  • The nominees most have established the Smart Content for the better understanding and operation of its users.
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