CEO Awards Profile

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, is pleased to announce the prestigious CEO Excellence Awards, that honors and recognizes the outstanding leadership achievements and the Best-Performing CEO and other Top C--Level Executives of government and business organizations, who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in achieving excellence and have delivered outstanding results, and those who made vital contribution to the vibrancy of the regional and global business, digital economy development, and the global competitiveness indicators, in order to achieve the overall sustainable development of the country and its national economy in accordance with the best global standards.


  • To highlight the significant achievements of leading figures and government leaders

  • Honoring the path breaking Creativity and Leadership in the Era of Global Competitiveness

  • Modern Perspectives on Best-Performing CEO’s, C-Level Executives and Leaders, Leadership Styles in an era of Changing World 

  • Building the next generation of Best-Performing Young C--Level Executives and Leaders, to ensure continuous flow of well qualified leaders

  • Leader and Leadership Sustainability and Transition Strategies from the Best-Performing CEO to Leadership Role Models (L.R.M)

  • Strategic and Executive leadership development for various executive positions in government and business organizations.

  • Promote the spirit of competition among organizations to highlight the concept of model leadership 

  • Widen the concept of effective leadership in institutions to make optimal use of existing resources and develop the creative and competitive rules of governance in the effective application of institutional principles

  •  Promoting the culture of leadership excellence and modern management systems in the government and business organizations 

  • Promoting the best practices of creative leadership in government and business organizations.

  • Encourage the spirit of competition and cooperation between government and private institutions in the application of global best leadership practices.

  • Present a platform for the comprehensive exchange of ideas and experiences of outstanding leadership and senior executives and distinct personalities to identify success stories and achievements locally, regionally and globally.

  • Define the potential of leaders in developing strategic plans for the future of the organization and drawing the right directions in achieving these objectives

  • Developing the culture of successful leadership and creative performances in the region in the field of Knowledge Economy, according to the international standards of quality and institutional performance.


The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness. Read more