Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors distinguished global figures who have made exceptional contributions to good governance, business leadership and humanitarian causes. Presented each year as the flagship of the Institute’s awards programs, it advocates excellence and inspires others to follow the lead of individuals who have made a positive impact on the lives of many.

The Institute pays tribute to its prestigious roster of Lifetime Achievement Awardees.

  • Dr. Gene Amdahl Former Director of IBM and Founder of Amdahl Corporation

    Dr. Gene Amdahl is a pioneering computer architect and entrepreneur whose outstanding innovation and creativity has helped usher the information age. He has gone the extra mile by lending support to emergent technologies and new players in the IT industry. Dr Amdhal has inspired IT entrepreneurs around the world to dream and dare and find their rightful place in a knowledge-driven global economy.

  • Larry Ellison, Founder and CEO, Oracle Corporation
  • Al Gore, Former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate
  • Kim Phuc,UN Goodwill Ambassador
  • Dominique de Villepin,Former Prime Minister of France
  • Dominique de Villepin,Former Prime Minister of France
  • Igor Ivanov,Former Foreign Minister of Russia and Secretary of the Security Council
  • Anwar Ibrahim,Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia
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