Awards Profile

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute annually honors and recognizes national talent for their outstanding experiences and successes in leading private sector organizations. The Institute aims at introducing distinguished models for their exemplary leadership in driving their organizations to fulfill their organizations’ strategic goals, for their uncompromising style to instigate a culture to work and for acting as role model to all. The awards are presented in accordance with the standards and criteria, after evaluating the role of the nominee by experts and specialists.

The institute honors nationals from different professional fields whose presence has become a milestone in their organizations and who have been able, through their creations, to lead a march of recent achievements. The award recognizes contributions and achievements of outstanding young national leaders from private sector for their exemplary leadership and aims to encourage the support mechanisms to develop the national talent in order to be effective leaders and promote the organizational performance and contribute in achieving the strategic objectives of their organizations in light economic challenges. By honoring nationals working in private sector it supports nationalization vision to develop the competencies of national cadres while excelling to meet global standards and to be globally competitive.

The award serves as a performance measurement indicator that recognizes the tireless efforts put in that are geared towards helping GCC Nationals maximize their potential, as well as career advancement and national development programs that bolster the career growth of existing GCC Nationals.


The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness. Read more