Awards Profile

The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute would honor only one organization from each sector as the winner of the award, which has developed the overall green human resource management and best practices of excellence in this context, accordance to the awards criteria mentioned on the Institute's official website. The vision of the award is to highlight the distinctiveness of organizational strategies towards building an integrated system an integrated system that foresees the future of human resources transformation towards sustainability, meeting the demands of future jobs, and developing green human resource departments to create a competitive advantage that supports modern green management strategies according to the best practices of green human resource management, modern management strategies, in accordance with best practices of organizational excellence, to achieve a comprehensive system that supports the sustainability of development to achieve organizational goals and keep abreast of the latest global changes.

Award Categories

  • Middle East Green Human Resources Management Excellence Award - Government Sector
  • Middle East Green Human Resources Management Excellence Award - Business Sector
  • Middle East Green Human Resources Management Excellence Award - Semi-Governmental Sector


The Middle East Green HR Excellence Awards aims to highlight honour and celebrate path breaking achievements of government and business organization who have demonstrated exemplary leadership towards promoting sustainable practices through integration of green human resources system and ensure the efficiency of the transformation of human resources through green initiatives to keep pace with digital technologies in light of developments of government and smart cities.

The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness. Read more