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Subject: GCC’s Top 25 Leaders

(Leaders and achievements of 25 years of e-transformation)

We would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to your esteemed organization, for their great support towards the development of the comprehensive e-transformation in the region for 25 years. We appreciate your organization's efforts to improve the level of knowledge efficiency, comprehensive organizational development and future vision through an integrated knowledge system that supports the organizational transformation in the era of Blockchain, AI and 5th generation of government and smart cities.

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the launch of the conference, the first international conference on e-government in the GCC, Datamatix in association with its global partners and international organizations, will be hosting the, “26th GCC Smart Government and Smart Cities Conference” with a wide international participation of government and business organizations, leaders, decision-makers and experts and international organizations.

As we all know, over the course of decades of technological development, the region has been continuously witnessing qualitative additions to its track record in all technological field and knowledge management, and its achievements over decades are exceptional at all levels. This is in light of the technological and organizational developments that have placed the challenges facing the corporate leaders to continue to raise the system of global competitiveness to provide the elements of the future success of the organizations. The achievements of government and private institutions in the GCC countries over the past 25 years (quarter of a century) represent a remarkable change in the concepts of government and economic performance and knowledge management, which are internationally recognized achievements.

On this occasion, the Middle East Excellence Institute is grateful to leaders, decision-makers, experts and supporters of sustainable knowledge and development. In conjunction with the Conference, the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute would recognize 25 leading personalities who have contributed to the development of infrastructure, ICT, knowledge and e-transformation in GCC over the past 25 years.

On this occasion, we take the honor of encouraging your organization to nominate leaders and personalities who have contributed to the development of the ICT, knowledge management and modern information systems in GCC from previous and current leaders, as a contribution by the Institute in honoring the concepts of excellence and achievement and support system of leadership competitiveness and management.

Yours sincerely,

Ali Al Kamali
Managing Director

Leading Personalities in the ICT sector:

The Institute will announce the names of leading personalities who have contributed to the development of the ICT sector in the GCC over the last 25 years from the previous and current leaders and their contributions by honoring the concepts of excellence and achievement.

Criteria for nomination - The nominee should have contributed to the development

  • Global competitiveness of the country’s ICT sector and the region during the last 25 years
  • Has been able to develop a distinct institutional operating infrastructure in the IT sector
  • The development and strengthening of partnership strategies with the public and private sector
  • Development of innovation, organizational innovation and knowledge management in the ICT sector
  • Implemented an effective management development plan based on the global governance system
  • Contributed to building regional and global institutional identity
  • Successfully achieved the strategic objectives of the organization 
  • Increasing the efficiency and productivity of the organization’s human resources
  • Supporting social initiatives in the region through the organization
  • Development of an advanced organizational structure and future plans that will allow others to continue
  • Has contributed to the employment of global technological development
  • Contributed to the creation and development of the next generation of leaders in the ICT sector
Government sectors to be nominated:
  • Ministries, Departments, Bodies and Governmental Organizations
  • All Governmental and Semi-Governmental Organizations
  • Higher Bodies for the development of Cities, Secretariats, States, Governorates, Municipalities & Cities
  • Chambers of Commerce and Government Economic Institutions
  • Business Sector Organizations
  • Banks, Financial Institutions and Financial Services Companies
  • Universities, Colleges, Institutes and Educational Institutions
  • Airlines, Hotels and Travel & Tourism Companies


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