Award's Criteria

General Criteria and Information for Nominations:

The Awards will be presented according to the following criteria post evaluating the distinguished role of the nominated institutions by experts and specialists according to the criteria and categories of the award, the organizations who have achieved the followings:

  • Who have made the optimal achievements within the framework of the 2020 Strategic Objectives?
  • Who is Supporting the pillars of transparency and institutional competitiveness?
  • Who are pivotal institutions in achieving the 2020 strategies?
  • Which consistently achieve qualitative leadership in addition to its corporate achievement record
  • Supporting the activities of the Foundation that contributes to the manufacture and attractive economy globally
  • Achieving excellence in developing the pillars of smart government and contributing to build the informative society
  • Applying the best practices in context with technical development and managing future technology
  • Who successfully leads the smart institutional transformation towards the 5G?
  • Achieving a qualitative leap in its various services and activities
  • The Organization ensuring the sustainability of the development with context to resources and assets
  • Making positive change in institutional programs based on national needs and in line with Vision 2020
  • With ability to achieve growth rates in line with the Vision 2020
  • Contribution in empowering the private sector and attracting international investments
  • Excelling in supporting the foundations of integration and corporate governance
  • Supporting sustainable economic growth under the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Who contributes in attracting international investments and developing the digital economy?
  • Achieving distinguished economic returns within the framework of achieving the Vision 2020
  • Should have contributed to the development and enhancement of cooperation between the public and private sectors
  • Contributing to modern management &developing strategies for building a society based on the knowledge economy
  • Who builds a strategy to connect startups with government institutions, investors and business incubators?
  • Whose foundation has contributed to the development of an evolving institutional structure
  • Whose foundation has contributed to the development of long-term future plans
  • Having firm national presence in support of nationalization, It’s initiatives and plans
  • Excelling in development of international partnership  
  • Who develop the modern programs in administrative and executive levels in accordance with the Vision 2020?
  • Who excels in enriching customer experiences and best practices that support the global competitiveness?
  • Who excels in exploring the future of new business models through a leading integrated knowledge system
  • Should have a national presence in social responsibility and internationally distinguished identity
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