The Middle East Excellence Award Institute will be recognizing the organizations  that have successfully implemented the 2020 National Strategic Vision and has achieved remarkable achievements within the framework of the National Objectives and Strategy, for their prominent role in developing the competitiveness of the organizations  and the country, achieving the highest levels of institutional performance and improving the quality of development that supports the pillars of global competitiveness and development of the national economy.

The Awards criteria focuses on highlighting the achievements of the institutions in the Vision 2020 and the practices that have been able to achieve the vision towards joining the race of global excellence and facing the fundamental challenges to build a global competitive institutional system that leads the future beyond 2020 in accordance with best international practices.

The countries and institutions of the region are continuously achieving qualitative improvements at all levels, especially with the high rates of technical and administrative progress. This has placed the institutions in line for global challenges that require new mechanisms to enable them to make a qualitative leap in the future system of work.

To participate in the competition of the global economy and to meet the basic challenges of building global institutions that lead the future, as a contribution of the Institute in honoring and consolidating the concepts of excellence and achievement and honoring institutions that have been able to apply the highest standards of global competitiveness and their prominent role in the development of competitiveness of the region & country, where the award is awarded according to standards.

The distinguished roles of the nominated institutions are by experts and specialists according to the following criteria and award categories:

  • 2020 Ministry Excellence Award 
  • 2020 Municipality Excellence Award 
  • 2020 Government-Business Partnership Excellence Award 
  • 2020 Retail Excellence Award
  • 2020 Real Estate Development Sector Excellence Award
  • 2020 Education Sector Excellence Award
  • 2020 Sports Sector Excellence Award
  • 2020 Industry Excellence Award 
  • 2020 Transportation Sector Excellence Award
  • 2020 Telecommunications Excellence Award 
  • 2020 Financial Excellence Award  
  • 2020 Infrastructure Development Excellence Award
  • 2020 Health Care Excellence Award
  • 2020 Travel and Tourism Excellence Award
  • 2020 Energy Excellence Award
  • 2020 Aviation Industry Excellence Award


The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness. Read more

Past Award Winners
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