Middle East Top 25 
“Leadership Role Models Leaders”

The achievements of the region over the past 25 years (quarter of a century) represent a remarkable change in the concepts of leadership, comprehensive organizational transformation, knowledge-based economy, modern leadership system, competency models, trends, directions, strategies, excellence and competitiveness. These achievements are exceptional at all levels and are an honourable asset, a source of national pride and a global source of appreciation.

In continuation of the commitment of the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, in supporting the global competitiveness of the region and in promoting the foundations of innovation and knowledge management, in the context of the modern global economy in the Middle East region.

The Middle East Excellence Award Institute with great pleasure will announce the Middle East Top 25 “Leadership Role Models Leaders” who have moved from executive leaders positions to Leadership Role Models Leaders over the past 25 years in the presence of dignitaries and regional and international media and which will be held in conjunction with the “14th Government and Business Leading CEO Conference” on 1 November 2018 in Dubai, in accordance with best global institutional practices.

Criteria for Nomination - The nominee should have 

  • Contributed to the development of global coherence system of corporate and state leadership and management
  • Developed a distinct organizational operating infrastructure in the corporate management sector
  • Developed and strengthened partnership strategies of the public and private sector
  • Contributed to the development of innovation and towards building a knowledge management system
  • Implemented an effective management development plan based on the global institutional governance 
  • Contributed to building regional and global institutional identity
  • Achieved the strategic goals of the government organization 
  • Increased the efficiency and productivity of the organization's human resources 
  • Supported corporate social responsibility initiatives in the region through the organization
  • Contributed to the development of an advanced organizational structure and a future plan 
  • Contributed to the creation and development of the next generation of leaders and executive personalities

Sectors to be nominated:

  • Nominations are accepted from all Ministries, Departments, Bodies, Governmental & Semi-Governmental Orgs
  • Nominations are accepted from all Business Organizations, Banks and Institutions
  • Universities, Colleges, Institutes and Educational Institutions


The Awards categories are specifically formulated to honor the path-breaking leaders in various fields of government and business organizations for their outstanding contribution towards the development of regional competitiveness. Read more

Past Award Winners
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