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General Criteria and Information for Nominations:

Contributed to the GCC global ICT competitiveness
Promoted the ICT organization partnership
Instrumental in the development of ICT and organizational governance in GCC
Contributed to the blossoming of the GCC technological and institutional innovation
Contributed towards the advancement of institutional knowledge management
Promoted the use of ICT and development in the region
Contributed to the advancement and construction (of)ICT identity
Introduced the latest technological trends in the GCC region
Contributed in expanding the efficiency and productivity of technology in the region
Supported the advancement of GCC organizations technology
Promoted the latest global technological and organizational trends and method in GCC
Contributed to the development of GCC Manpower’s ICT skills
Contributed to the development of GCC ICT contents
Contributed in the rapid growth of Social media in GCC
Contributed to the global partnership development of ICT in the GCC region
Top 25 Leading ICT Solutions Providers Excellence Awards
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