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  • Welcome to Awards Institute

    I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm and sincere welcome to the leaders, decision-makers, intellectuals and experts, and all the supporters and other counterparts, who have supported us immensely throughout, and have been with us for eighteen years. On this occasion, on behalf of The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, I would like to express my gratitude towards all organizations

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  • Profile

    The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, for the past 21 years, has been focusing on the merits of excellence and honoring the best practices, outstanding and excellent contribution of leaders and organizations for their commitment in the pursuit of leadership, excellence, innovation, in Government and Business sectors and who have made significant difference to the growth and development of regional and global economy.

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  • Importance of Honoring

    The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, committed to recognizing and honoring excellence, recognizes leaders and their contributions by honoring the individual's and organizations' leadership success, whose accomplishments have made significant differences to the remarkable growth and development of the regional and global economy. The awards build credibility and offer massive media coverage that increases the visibility

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  • Consultancy

    The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute provides consultancy services to government and business organization that wish to organize their own award programs. The consultation services include the development of standards and procedures, research, marketing and general administration management and the ceremony event management. The consultation services also include, venue sourcing, devising event themes

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  • Awards Training Programs

    The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute follows the latest and modern trends of professional event management in providing organizations the vital and essential knowledge of in-house award programs and other initiatives. The institute initiates various seminars, induction, and training workshops that train private and public sector organizations in conducting awards ceremonies that contribute to the upgrading of economic development.

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  • Sponsorship

    The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute offers excellent sponsorship opportunities for organizations aspiring to achieve tremendous success in term of media exposure and marketing. The opportunity provided by the institution will give you a chance to be a part of the event and to take maximum advantage of the marketing features of the event, to support a culture of excellence and quality and to communicate effectively with the community.

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Awards Institute 21 Years History
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